While most of the US feels more like they are in winter than spring, baseball fans, along with Vegas oddsmakers, are already thinking about the upcoming MLB season and the 2018 World Series. With Spring Training officially coming to an end today (March 27), folks everywhere are catching baseball fever as teams prepare to travel to their scheduled destinations in preparation for Opening Day this Thursday (March 29).

New season, new life

The anticipation of a new season always brings out the optimism in fans from coast to coast, but what teams have a legitimate shot at heading to the Fall Classic this October?

Of course, the Houston Astros, L.A. Dodgers, New York Yankees, and Boston Red Sox are going to be in the conversation this season, and with good reason. Those four teams carry some of the best talents in the game today. However, before you go to Vegas and put the mortgage payment on one of those teams to win it all, history shows us that the preseason favorite to win the World Series rarely does so. Last season, the Yankees and Astros were both greater than 30/1 to win the World Series when the regular season began - which was leaps and bounds behind the heavily favored Chicago Cubs and LA Dodgers.

Yet in the end, it was that 40/1 long shot in Houston that got the job done. The Astros are stacked and deserve to be the favorites to win the 2018 title, but at 5/1 odds, they may not be worth the risk.

While 5/1 is great odds on a horse, it isn’t that great of a risk on a baseball team to win the World Series on Opening Day. The grind is long, injuries happen and trust me when I say, that one or two teams that no one believes in will rise and play much better than anyone expected. It happens every year.

Odds for all 30 teams

While the odds are set for all 30 teams to win the 2018 World Series, this season may be a now or never situation for a few squads, with the Washington Nationals being front and center. I feel the Nats will most likely lose Bryce Harper in 2019 to free agency, and that dream rotation of three seasons ago just continues to age.

Max Scherzer will turn 34 this July and Stephen Strasburg will push the big 30 this summer as well. While that is the prime of life, it is creeping toward the end of the line if you are a professional athlete.

So the questions are out there. Will the Astros repeat and start a dynasty in Houston? Are the Yankees primed to capture No. 28? What longshot team will shock the baseball world and make a postseason run? Only time will tell! For now, here is a look at every team's odds to win the 2018 World Series according to Oddsshark.

  • Astros 5/1
  • Dodgers 5/1
  • Indians 6/1
  • Yankees 6/1
  • Cubs 7/1
  • Red Sox 9/1
  • Nationals 9/1
  • Cardinals 22/1
  • Giants 22/1
  • Angels 25/1
  • Diamondbacks 25/1
  • Brewers 30/1
  • Twins 30
  • Mets 35
  • Blue Jays 35
  • Mariners 40
  • Rockies 40
  • Phillies 75
  • Rays 150
  • Pirates 150
  • Braves 175
  • Rangers 200
  • Orioles 200
  • White Sox 200
  • Athletics 200
  • Padres 200
  • Reds 250
  • Royals 500
  • Tigers 500
  • Marlins 500