Shaquem Griffin was a household name to those who care about human interest stories in collegiate athletics. The Central Florida linebacker lost one of his limbs at a young age, but refused to let that derail his plans to play football, and play it at a high level. Now, he's looking to push that story on to the next level: the NFL.

The Nfl Combine - or the "Underwear Olympics," as they're colloquially known - was the perfect breeding ground to prove his worth to the world. Lo and behold, Griffin did not disappoint.

An NFL Combine to remember

When Griffin stepped up to the bench press in Indianapolis on Saturday, all eyes were on him.

Not many knew what to expect, though. After all, he had just one able hand (although he was utilizing a prosthetic on the other). But the bench press is a vital part of the NFL Combine, an opportunity for prospects to show their strength to all of the teams and scouts in the league. So he sat down on the bench and went to work.

Despite his limitation - or lack thereof - Griffin was able to log 20 reps on the bench press. It's not a historic amount of reps, but Griffin himself claimed to have barely reached half of that mark in the past, suggesting the adrenaline and power of the moment propelled him forward.

He'll have even more to prove on Sunday at the NFL Combine during positional drills, where he'll work out at several different spots. So far, however, many of his doubters have already been silenced.

Griffin's draft stock

Nothing at the NFL Combine matters if a prospect can't truly play at the next level. There's no reason to think that Griffin can't - he played in college with no issues.

Nevertheless, some teams will be scared off by his lack of a hand. That will just further motivate the linebacker to succeed at the next level.

According to the NFL's official profile of him, Griffin is expected to be selected sometime between the fifth and sixth round of the draft. His performance at the Combine could vault him up draft boards as he assuages fears about any performance problems.

He's athletic, smart, and could serve as an outside rusher.

Many people will pin Griffin to the Seattle Seahawks. For starters, he's the kind of ferocious defender head coach Pete Carroll loves. Additionally, his twin brother (who was drafted last year) plays for the Seahawks.

First things first, though: Griffin needs to have a strong performance on Sunday at the NFL Combine. There's no reason to think he won't.