It's NFL Combine time, where scouts drool over 40-yard dash times, vertical jumps, and three-cone drill times. It's where guys like Darrius Heyward-Bay, Mike Mamula, and Vernon Gholston put a twinkle into scouts' eyes and shoot up draft boards. Players will exchange their name for a number and get critiqued on every possible measuring analysis a scout can conjure up.

The combine does not always make or break a prospect's draft stock but it can greatly influence it. Over the years it seems as though more emphasis is being put on game film, rather than the actual combine results.

To me, the game film should outweigh combine statistics. With that being said, an overly impressive or woefully underwhelming performance at the combine will always catch the attention of the media and the scouts.

At the combine, on March 2, the position groups on display were running backs, offensive linemen, and special teams' participants. As mentioned earlier, performances that get highlighted are very good ones and very bad ones, and today we saw both sides of the spectrum.

Saquon Barkley sets the combine on fire

The most impressive performance of the combine so far has been Penn State running back Saquon Barkley. He came into the combine as the highest rated running back on basically everyone's draft board.

Barkley is a running back that possesses power, speed, and quickness. Let me tell you, all were on full display today.

Barkley showcased his strength by putting up 29 reps in the bench press portion of the combine, per To put this into further perspective, future Hall of Fame left tackle Joe Thomas only recorded 28 reps during his combine.

Saquon then put his speed on display by running a blistering 4.40 secs in the 40-yard dash, per Barkley did not stop there, he posted a 1.54 secs in the 10-yard split drill, per Let me all remind you, Saquon weighs 233 pounds. That is a 233-pound athletic freak.

Here's a graphic that fully encompasses how impressive Barkley's showing was today.

Offensive tackle Orlando Brown set his draft stock on fire

As much as Saquon Barkley impressed, Oklahoma's offensive tackle Orlando Brown disappointed. According to Mel Kiper, Brown is a projected top 20 pick by most experts, with some projections showing him in the top 10. After his combine performance, he can all but kiss any chance of being in the top 10 goodbye. He will still most likely be a first-round pick, but in my eyes, he showed a lack of preparation, a lack of commitment, and displayed poor effort.

Brown in the bench press posted a stunningly low 14 reps, per We are talking about a player that weighs 345 pounds and whose job it will be to protect the blind-side of a team's franchise quarterback. That is completely unacceptable and every defensive lineman in the league should be licking their chops to get a piece of this guy.

The poor performances did not stop there, he ran a ploddingly slow 5.86 secs in the 40-yard dash, per According to research, there have only been 4 players since 2003 to post slower times. Mike Mayock described his 40-yard dash performance perfectly, calling it, "a historically bad time," as reported by Sporting News.

The combine can be a tricky place; it all depends on who can capitalize on the moment. As we saw here, Saquon Barkley did and Orlando Brown did not.