LeBron James is nearing the end of yet another successful and injury free season in year 15. He is averaging career numbers in rebounds and assists and also scoring the ball at the highest rate he has in the last few seasons. He has played an insane number of minutes since stepping into the league at age 18 in 2003. Nobody else in the league has been able to match his overall Regular Season and postseason minutes played over that time. And although he has received unjustified criticism at times in the past few seasons for ‘resting’ games, he has only missed 87 out of 1,133 regular season games and has played in all 217 career postseason games.

That’s an insane ratio and shows LeBron has always been there for his team when they need him.

The crazy thing is, a lot of these games LeBron missed were not due to injury, but just rest, however. And he has wanted to play in every game he can, but sometimes the coaching staff decides it’s better to have the King sit out a game. But he is on pace to play in all 82 games this season for Cleveland and doing so with no injuries. So how exactly is he doing this? Let's take a closer look.


LeBron James has 15 signature shoes in his line with Nike, and each shoe seems to get better and better as the seasons progress. If you compare his first shoe with his most current shoe, you will see a huge difference in the technology of the shoe, and although he stayed injury free early in his career, the revolution of his kicks is a huge reason he is still destroying rims.

If you’ve ever worn the LeBron 15’s, they are one of the most protective shoes in the world, and they are designed for ultimate impact protection to assist with LeBron’s game.

Gym dedication

LeBron’s dedication to the gym and his work ethic to keep his body in the best shape possible is probably the biggest reason for his preservation in his late 30’s and ability to stay on top of the league as the best player.

It’s easy for players in their 30’s to feel fatigued and too old to hit the gym often, but LeBron has maintained his body and athleticism by working out every day before and after games. He's been working with very smart trainers who have him focus on things like stability and core strength. These have been vital as he avoided a Larry Bird-like back problem which plagued him in 2015, and has strengthened his core to stay in top shape at age 33 in 2018.

When LeBron is on the court, he plays the game smartly and avoids any risky movements. He has avoided even jumping on jump balls against 7-plus footers in the past, because there is no point.


Coinciding with his gym dedication, LeBron has used some of the best technology to keep his body in top condition. It’s said by LeBron’s agent Rich Paul, that the King spend upwards of 1.5 million dollars per year on his body. This money wouldn’t just be spent on gym equipment and a yearly membership to Goodlife fitness - this money is also spent on some of the most exclusive equipment on the planet including the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, equipment that is perfect for his joints. Plus he also has learned the science and knowledge behind what food to eat, how many hours to sleep, when to train, and whatever else he needs to know to be the best athlete he can. It’s clear LeBron wants to be the greatest of all time, and he is doing everything he can to reach that milestone.


Oh yeah, and LeBron James has great… very great genes.