Earlier this offseason, Ryan Grant agreed to a four-year, 29 million dollar contract with the Ravens that included 14.5 million in guaranteed money. In spite of the large contract offer, Grant is currently still a free agent. This is because the Baltimore Ravens medical team red-flagged him during a physical, stating that his ankle was in worse condition than they where previously lead to believe.

This medical red flag happened to coincide with Raiders receiver Michael Crabtree being released into free agency. In an even bigger coincidence (if you are to believe the Ravens' story), the Ravens happened to sign Crabtree to a similar deal (three years, 21 million), right after flagging Grant.

Grant and his agent have argued that the Ravens flagged him despite his ankle being cleared simply to get out of his contract. The Ravens have maintained that the flag was completely legitimate and just happened to occur when Crabtree became available.

Second opinion

The Ravens' story, however, is appearing to become thinner and thinner as Grant has now passed physicals with two separate teams. Grant passed physicals with both the Oakland Raiders and the indianapolis colts, and will sign with Colts on a one-year five million dollar deal. When speaking on the situation with the Ravens Grant said, "If there was an issue with my ankle I wouldn't have passed a physical with the Colts and the Raiders, I can't control what [the Ravens] did.

I can't control their assessment of my ankle, I've gone to other places. I've seen multiple doctors and I've passed physicals so that should speak for itself."

Grant who was a fifth-round pick for the Redskins in the 2014 Draft, was utilized as a jack of all trades during his time with the Redskins, he played as both an outside and slot receiver for his team.

The first three seasons of his career were not very productive, but last season he had a breakout year pulling in the most receptions, receiving yards, and touchdowns of his young career. When the Ravens first gave him his contract it was seen as an overpay for a guy who hadn't necessarily proven that he could consistently play at a high level yet.

However now that the Ravens doctors red-flagged Grant they no longer have to deal with those criticisms.

Prove it

While the offseason has obviously not gone as Grant planned he appears to be betting on himself for next season. He signed a 1 year "prove it" deal with the Colts and will be a free agent again next year. If he performs well the pay day that he should've received this offseason will be waiting for him next year.