NFL rumors present some shocking news about Richard Sherman and the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers want to get a contract done with the All-Pro cornerback and will meet with Sherman on Saturday (March 10) to see if it’s possible. In something that might resemble a worst-nightmare for fans of the Seattle Seahawks, Sherman might be open to joining one of their rivals.

It’s already been a very busy offseason for the Seahawks. First, the team fired its offensive coordinator, then they traded Michael Bennett to the Philadelphia Eagles, and then, finally, the front office released Richard Sherman.

The move was to save a lot of money and get the team under the salary cap. However, saving money can come at a very high price in professional sports.

Are these NFL rumors real?

ESPN's Adam Schefter has received confirmation from his sources that Richard Sherman is indeed meeting with the San Francisco 49ers on Saturday. The intent of this meeting is for the team to find out the state of Sherman’s injuries and if he can provide the team with some value under a new contract. If the front office is happy with the news, Sherman could receive a contract offer right away.

As for what Sherman is stating about his injury, he has already told reporters that he will be on the treadmill running next week.

That’s a good progression in his recovery from a torn Achilles in one leg and a bone spur in the other. What isn’t known yet, is what the timetable will be until Sherman can see game action again. Could he make an impact with the 49ers during the 2018 NFL season?

Seahawks vs 49er rivalry

The San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks play each other twice during each season.

If Richard Sherman is ready to go during the 2018 season, he could go up against Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson for the first times in their careers. That would certainly be an interesting wrinkle in the rivalry between the two franchises. In recent years, though, the Seahawks have completely dominated the head-to-head matchup.

These NFL rumors definitely add an interesting sub-story to how the Seattle Seahawks are trying to move on and get younger. The Legion of Boom is about to replaced with a much younger version of the defense, most likely through, in large part, the 2018 NFL Draft. As for the San Francisco 49ers, adding a veteran cornerback to an up-and-coming roster is certainly a step toward getting back to the postseason.