Sports games are always a loud, outgoing and energetic atmosphere no matter where what sporting event you're at unless it's at a golf course. It's especially loud and energetic when the home team wins with all the fans cheering and rooting for their team. Baseball stadiums are no exception as a baseball game is where you'll find loud, outgoing and energetic fans.

What a lot of baseball teams have is a team song that gets the crowd going. Head over to Wrigley Field in Chicago where the Cubs play and you'll hear Cubs fans chanting the Cubs victory song of "Go Cubs Go" after the Cubs win a game which is a baseball classic.

Go to Fenway Park on Yawkey Way and in the eighth inning, listen to the crowd sing "Sweet Caroline" which is a tradition that has been done for years at Fenway Park. Go north of the border and take in a ball game at the Rogers Centre where the Toronto Blue Jays play who are the only Canadian team in the MLB. Don't forget to watch the crowd of Canada's team sing "OK Blue Jays" before "Take me out to the Ballgame" is performed.

A new team joins the fray

Another team is joining the Cubs, Red Sox and Blue Jays in creating their own team song. Hope on board and let's head over south as the Miami Marlins have created their own song which will most likely be played after every Marlins victory this season(which will be hard to come around with their current team).

The song is called "Just Gettin' Started" which is produced by Grammy nominee Poo Bear(Jason Boyd) featuring Dj Khaled, Nicky Jam, and Kent Jones.

This idea came from new owner Derek Jeter who was thinking of a way to bring something new to the ballpark for the fans of Miami that would show what kind of city Miami is. When Jeter was asked about how he came up with this idea, he said “Initially, I was brainstorming with Jaymee Messler -- who’s with the Players Tribune -- and we were thinking about doing something different here in Miami, and really doing something that was reflective of the Miami culture," Jeter explains "We had an opportunity to meet with Jared and Jingle Punks and Poo, and we just started brainstorming.

I let them know as an ownership group, we're just getting started here in Miami, and we wanted to do something special for the fan base. Fortunately for us, they were able to come up with a great anthem.”

Poo Bear who took the lead on this project has produced and created songs for world known artists like Justin Bieber, Sam Smith, Chris Brown and others that are known around the world.

He has been nominated for two Grammy awards in his career but came short of winning the prestigious award.

Other information on the song

The song title of "Just Gettin' Started" most likely came from the fact that the Marlins are in it's very early stages of a full scale rebuild and that they're starting a new phase in the franchise with a lot of new players on the team and a new ownership group at the helm. During the off-season, they traded away all of Dee Gordon, Giancarlo Stanton, Marcel Ozuna and Christian Yelich in return for prospects that the Marlins are hoping will help them in the future.

The song is very different from the ones the Cubs, Red Sox and Blue Jays do as "Just Gettin' Started" is more of a hip-hop song that will get the fans of Marlins Park on their feet and energized where as "Go Cubs Go" is more known for it's history and meaning to the Cubs fan base.

Derek Jeter added on the song that Miami is a "party city" which differs from other teams' victory songs.

The song features common sayings of "We da best" and "Another one" which are in all DJ Kahled's songs. With the current team that the Marlins have, it will be quite hysterical to hear "We da best" when the Marlins have already lost 90 games come September.

As the prospects that the Marlins got in return aren't fantastic, it will be a very, very, very long time until the Marlins can truly say "We da best" especially with other teams that have better prospects than the Marlins do like the White Sox, Braves, Padres and other teams.