LeBron James has often said that if you don't hear it from him then the person spreading rumors about where he might end up in the 2018-19 NBA season is unreliable. However, that does not stop the speculation and when someone claims to have a source that is close to both LeBron James and Dwyane Wade that knows a little about what the King might be thinking, it causes some fans to wonder if this might be true. A while back, there were rumors that LeBron had lowered his list of prospective teams down to four teams -- the Los Angles Lakers, Houston Rockets, Philadelphia 76ers and Cleveland Cavaliers.

However, a fifth team is now in the discussion.

Skip Bayless has a source who knows LeBron James

Skip Bayless was on the most recent episode of his Fox series "Undisputed" and said that he has a source who is close to both Dwyane Wade and Miami Heat president Pat Riley who claims that LeBron James has a strong interest in returning to the Miami Heat in 2018. The Heat was on the original list of teams for LeBron but was removed after the most recent rumors. It is now back.

While the idea of anyone knowing what LeBron James will do is speculation due to the NBA star's privacy, Bayless knows a lot of people in the industry and if Pat Riley believes he has a chance at LeBron, it is at least worth talking about.

The Miami Heat went to four NBA Finals with LeBron and won two of them. The Cleveland Cavaliers are shooting for their fifth with James, but have only won once.

Dwyane Wade is back with the Miami Heat and they actually just beat the Cleveland Cavaliers as they look to make a statement in the NBA playoffs this year as well. However, Wade is considering retirement after this season and without him, would James go back to Cleveland?

Would LeBron go back?

It seems that there is more leading LeBron James to the Houston Rockets, Philadelphia 76ers and Cleveland Cavaliers than back to the Miami Heat. The Heat have a good young team, but the talent there is not up to James' level. As for playing in a big market town, the Los Angeles Lakers offers more than the Heat as well.

There just isn't enough in Miami for LeBron to come back.

Despite all the rumors, including those with the Miami Heat, Cleveland Cavaliers and even the Los Angeles Lakers -- which has persisted since the start of the 2017-18 NBA season -- no one will know where James is headed other than LeBron James. If this offseason is like those from the past, James will let us know when he chooses to let us know.