The Dallas Cowboys chose to pass on the initial free agent signing frenzy due to having almost no money at all on the books to spend in 2018. However, after restructuring some deals and letting some players go, the Cowboys had some money to sign a few mid-range free agents to join the team. However, there are still bigger things that Dallas needs to do, including possibly signing both DeMarcus Lawrence and Zack Martin to long-term deals and figuring out what to do with Dez Bryant. Here is a look at the three mid-range free agents the Cowboys signed for the offensive line and what they mean to the salary cap.

Cowboys add Cameron Fleming to the offensive line

The Dallas Cowboys have one of the best offensive lines in the NFL. However, in 2017 the unit played down a level despite four first-round draft picks and one player that could have been a first-round pick if not for off-field controversy. The problem was that one of those first rounders -- Jonathan Cooper -- was a first-round flop that didn't work out. Dallas also had to move La'el Collins to guard, which was not his best position.

While Collins was not the best signing, Dallas chose Cameron Fleming this offseason and got him on the cheap, with a one-year deal worth only $1 million. He also got a $1 million signing bonus, and his effect on the 2018 Dallas Cowboys salary cap is $2.375 million and could max out at $3.5 million with incentives.

Marcus Martin added for Cowboys o-line depth

Cameron Fleming wasn't the only addition to the Dallas Cowboys offensive line. The Cowboys also signed former San Francisco 49ers offensive lineman Marcus Martin for depth. This is huge because the Cowboys struggled a lot when Tyron Smith was injured and Martin will be his backup.

He has a one-year, $790,000 veteran minimum deal that only counts $636,625 against the cap and could max out at $726,625.

Neither Cameron Fleming nor Marcus Martin will have any effect on the 2019 Dallas Cowboys salary cap.

Joe Looney returning to Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys did look to bring back one of their own. The Cowboys re-signed veteran backup offensive lineman Joe Looney and gave him a two-year deal, the only multi-year deal for the three signings.

However, the deal is only worth $850,000 for the first season and $1 million for the second.

Looney will count $975,000 against the 2018 Dallas Cowboys salary cap and $1.125 million for 2019. The three Cowboys offensive lineman count a combined total of $2.6 million against the 2018 cap. Jonathan Cooper, who the Cowboys let walk, was paid $4.95 million by the 49ers, making the Cowboys look smart in the case of building their offensive line for the new NFL season.