The Dallas Cowboys have some work to do in the 2018 NFL Draft. They still need some major upgrades on defense, despite focusing on it in 2017. They have depth to fill and might want to look for another weapon in the receiving corps on offense in case they have to part ways with Dez Bryant down the line. With the 19th pick in the first round, the Cowboys won't get an elite star, but this is the earliest they have picked since they got Ezekiel Elliott near the top of the draft boards two years ago. Here is a look at the Dallas Cowboys mock draft for 2018.

Dallas Cowboys First Round pick

The Dallas Cowboys first-round pick in the 2018 NFL Draft comes with the 19th pick. Unless they trade up, which history shows rarely ever happens for the Cowboys, they will get a solid player but not an elite star. With that said, the most significant needs for the team comes on the defensive line, and that is almost surely where Dallas will look with their first pick.

The signs point to a player like Michigan's Maurice Hurst or Washington's Vita Vea. Of course, Dallas proved with Ezekiel Elliott that they would take a chance on a position no one expected them to, so someone like Alabama receiver Calvin Ridley could be there as a partner for Dez Bryant, as they try to get Dez less double-teams in the future.

Don't count on it. Per our 2018 NFL mock draft, this is where a defensive lineman will fall to the Dallas Cowboys.

Dallas Second Round pick

The next pick for the Dallas Cowboys won't come until the 50th overall pick. This is where Dallas might choose a wide receiver, although they need some depth on the defensive line and linebacker positions, as well as some secondary help since everyone back there is young.

If the Cowboys go with receivers here, they might end up with someone like Notre Dame's Equanimeous St. Brown, SMU's Courtland Sutton or Oklahoma State's James Washington. If Dallas goes with a linebacker, Boise State standout Leighton Vander Esch is possible at this pick. Another defensive lineman is possible with Breeland Speaks of Ole Miss.

This round is where the Dallas Cowboys should continue to build the defense, and a linebacker is a perfect choice here, so Vander Esch.

Cowboys Third Round pick

If the Dallas Cowboys go with defensive in the first two rounds, they need to look at wide receivers here in the third round. The Cowboys could get Florida wide receiver Antonio Callaway or Indiana's Simmie Cobbs here. Dallas could also look for Jason Witten's eventual replacement, but a receiver is a more necessary position to grab here.

Cowboys last round needs

The Dallas Cowboys need some more depth in the defensive secondary. They just cut Orlando Scandrick, and they have all second and fourth-year players starting at the corner positions.

Dallas could use some quality depth at cornerback and some real help at the safety positions.

The Dallas Cowboys 2018 mock drafts get murky late because no one knows what the other NFL teams will look at in their first three rounds. However, Dallas needs some offensive line depth, and with the quality on their line right now, they can fill in bodies in the middle rounds and then maybe look at tight ends, and another receiver late, as well as some sleeper picks for pass rushers.