When the 2018 NFL free agency kicked off last week, the Dallas Cowboys didn't make hardly any moves, and the ones they did was mostly kept in-house. The team was looking at a few players but the cost outweighed the needs in those cases. There is also the fact that the Dallas Cowboys lacked the money to make any real moves. With that said, all is not lost and the Cowboys started to make some big moves in order to clear the way so they can sign someone remaining if they desire. Here is a look at the moves the Cowboys made and 6 moves they can still make to help them add to their team this offseason.

DeMarcus Lawrence: The Franchise Tag

The first move the Dallas Cowboys made this offseason was to slap the franchise tag on DeMarcus Lawrence. The game-breaking defensive lineman was looking to make $17 million a season and the Cowboys needed to get their finances in order before they made an offer. Dallas wants to keep DeMarcus long-term and also sign Zack Martin to a new deal. As a result, the Cowboys placed the franchise tag on Lawrence and will pay him the $17.22 million the tag promises this year. The big thing to note is that this means Dallas keeps Lawrence and can negotiate with him longer on a long-term deal that will let them spread the money out.

Let Anthony Hitchens walk

Anthony Hitchens was a great defensive player as well, but the difference between Hitchens and Lawrence was that there is depth at linebacker.

Hitchens signed with the Kansas City Chiefs for $9 million a season. That is much less than DeMarcus is getting but he is nowhere near as valuable as Lawrence. The Dallas Cowboys knew that signing Hitchens for $9 million a year would cost them elsewhere, and they have Jaylon Smith ready to step up, as long as he continues to recover from his nerve damage suffered in college.

Release Orlando Scandrick

It was only a few years ago that Orlando Scandrick was talking about being a Dallas Cowboys player for life. After losing playing time to promising young rookies in 2017, Scandrick asked for his release and the Cowboys gave him that release this week. Scandrick will be a Post-June 1 release and that will save the team $3 million.

Next 6 Moves: Restructure Deals

The Dallas Cowboys can now start to work on restructuring some long-term deals so that they can free up money for any remaining free agent deals, sign Zack Martin and possibly DeMarcus Lawrence to long-term deals, and pay their rookies they draft this year. Signing Martin to a new deal could be huge. He is owed $9.34 million in 2018 but signing the new deal could backload it and make this year's numbers under a million, saving over $8 million in cap money for 2018.

The names that the Dallas Cowboys can work on restructuring contracts on includes OT Tyron Smith (owed $17.54 million in 2018), C Travis Frederick (owed $13.25 million in 2018), receiver Dez Bryant (owed $16.5 million in 2018), Jason Witten (owed $6.95 million in 2018) and Dan Bailey (owed $4.2 million in 2018).