When the Chicago Cubs entered Spring Training for 2018, there was a lot of talk about what the team didn't have. They didn't have a solid backup catcher and they didn't really have a Leadoff Hitter. While Spring Training is never a period of time when you can decide totally and completely whether a player has proven themselves, it appears that a leadoff hitter has indeed stepped up to the plate and taken the job.

Ian Happ was told he would have a chance to make his case for leadoff. It appears the man who logged over 20 homers as a rookie last season wants to have a spectacular sophomore season.

If he can indeed have the kind of season he had in spring training, a Cubs offense that already looked pretty scary might be downright terrifying for opposing pitchers.

Have the Chicago Cubs found a leadoff hitter of the future?

Before people get overly excited about what Happ was able to do for the Cubs in this past Spring Training, keep in mind he's someone who has had a very good spring before. Last year's Spring could actually be considered a bit better. This year he hit .321 with seven homers and 12 RBI. Last year he hit .380 with five homers and 21 RBI in the spring.

The good news is that while he wasn't able to keep that batting average up as high as he would have liked, he did continue to show off the power that has made him such an attractive player.

He also continues to show an ability to run the bases that has surprised some people. He stole three bases this spring, after stealing eight all of the last season.

If Ian Happ could indeed become a real threat on the base paths, and at the plate, Chicago's offense becomes deadly. Joe Maddon hasn't said that Happ has won the job, but at the moment, it doesn't appear there is anyone else who is going to grab the job.

Other candidates for the Cubs dropped off quickly

When Spring training kicked off, there was quite a bit of talk among the Chicago Cubs that someone like Ben Zobrist could challenge for the leadoff job. A horrendous preseason not only made the competition look a little silly, but there have to now worry about just what the team has in Zobrist and how much he has left.

When he joined the Cubs, Zobrist was starting to age. The last season and a half, he's looked as if he's aged quite a bit. When it comes to Albert Almora, age isn't a concern. The fact that he hit just .164 has to be though. The Chicago Cubs seem to have their hands tied with their roster. Ian Happ appears to be the man. So far, that might be a happy accident.