The Washington Nationals were not content with owning the National League East, year in and year out. After a string of early playoff flameouts, the team made a surprising managerial change. A majority of teams in the division did the same. One team made an even more significant change in leadership. What team was that? You will have to read more to find out who leads my Nl East power rankings.

5. Miami Marlins

New year, same Marlins? There was also much consternation surrounding the fact that owner Jeffrey Loria would sell off all the team's best players during any given offseason.

Now Derek Jeter has come in and done the exact same thing. Giancarlo Stanton is gone. So is Marcell Ozuna. All that's left is the memory of a team that once was, as another year in the NL East cellar rolls around.

4. Atlanta Braves

Are the Braves making real progress in their fight to return to NL East contention? Freddie Freeman is a bonafide star and Ronald Acuna Jr. will help eventually, but that's about it. Dansby Swanson's step back last season is a major cause for concern, though. The pitching staff also has a long way to go to develop into a strong rotation.

3. Philadelphia Phillies

The Phillies are coming. That's what the signing of ace Jake Arrieta was all about. The team also signed Carlos Santana to be the veteran masher in the lineup.

But the young guys still need time. Rhys Hoskins and Scott Kingery will be stars - the latter is already being paid that way. With any luck, J.P. Crawford will start nearing his potential this season as well. Next year, they'll be a true NL East threat.

2. New York Mets

Health is the key to the Mets' season. Every year, fans of the team raise their ire at the training staff and the amount of strange, long-term injuries the team endures.

Michael Conforto is already hurt, David Wright is always hurt, and the rotation feels fragile. That being said, the pitching staff can be sneaky good. Asdrubal Cabrera, however, may be the worst cleanup hitter in the NL East (according to Opening Day lineups).

1. Washington Nationals

They're indisputably the best team in the NL East - no other team comes close.

They have who I feel is the best batter in the National League (Bryce Harper). They have who I feel is the best pitcher in the National League (Max Scherzer). The real concern is advancing to the World Series. We'll learn in October whether or not former manager Dusty Baker was simply a scapegoat for a problem beyond managerial control (hint: I think he was).