When Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller speaks about beating Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, the Philadelphia Eagles should listen. After all, Miller and the Broncos defeated Brady and the Patriots in the 2014 AFC Championship Game, 26-16, to reach Super Bowl XLVIII. In that game, the Broncos' defense, led by Miller and DeMarcus Ware, sacked Brady four times and hit him 17 times as they cruised to a showdown with the Seattle Seahawks, who beat the Broncos, 43-8, to win Super Bowl XLVIII.

In an article he wrote in The Players’ Tribune Friday, Miller said the only way to beat the Patriots is “Sack Tom Brady.” “That's it.

End of article. We good here?” added Miller. However, Miller clarified that there’s more to it than just sacking Brady, but he added that the veteran quarterback is the starting point of anything that the Patriots do. “But let's start there because when you play the Patriots, getting to Tom Brady is where everything starts,” said Miller, adding that effective pass-rush is key to beating Brady. Miller believes that Philadelphia should have a hell of a game to beat the Patriots, but he stressed that the Eagles have the right pieces to accomplish the impossible.

Eagles wideout guarantees SB win

Eagles wide receiver Alshon Jeffery provided the Patriots with bulletin board material when he guaranteed that they will win Sunday’s Super Bowl LII.

Jeffery made the guarantee in an interview with Tom Pelissero of NFL Network. When Pelissero asked him "if you win this game on Sunday," Jeffery responded "ain't no if. ain't no if, man.” Jeffery said when they win on Sunday, the Eagles will celebrate and have some fun. When asked if the win is in the bag, Jeffery responded: “we're bringing that trophy back to Philly, man.” In the AFC Championship Game, Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey guaranteed that they would win Super Bowl LII, however, Brady led the Patriots to a 24-20 win over the Jaguars.

Patriots, Eagles fully healthy for Super Bowl LII

The Patriots and the Eagles will collide in Sunday’s Super Bowl LII with their respective 53-man rosters intact. Eagles defensive tackle Timmy Jernigan returned to the practice field after missing two sessions due to illness and he’s expected to play Sunday. With Jernigan’s return, every Eagles player fully participated in Friday's practice. Also, every player on the Patriots also fully participated in practice, including Rob Gronkowski, who hurdled concussion protocol ahead of Sunday’s Super Bowl LII.