Instead of rooting for former boyfriend, New England Patriots veteran quarterback Tom Brady, actress Bridget Moynahan openly rooted for the Philadelphia Eagles and their quarterback Nick Foles in Sunday’s Super Bowl LII. In a series of tweets, Moynahan expressed her support for the Eagles, who defeated the Patriots, 41-33, to win their first Super Bowl trophy. At one point during the game, Moynahan tweeted “#NickFoles is having an amazing game @eagles @nfl.”

After the game, Moynahan congratulated the Eagles on their first Super Bowl crown, while she acknowledged that the Patriots had an “amazing game.” Foles tossed for 373 yards and three touchdowns and caught one touchdown on a trick play en route to winning the Super Bowl MVP.

Brady also had an outstanding play, throwing for 505 yards and three touchdowns, but his fumble late in the game cost them the game and a chance to win their sixth Super Bowl trophy.

Moynahan dated Brady for three years

Brady and Moynahan dated for three years, but the quarterback broke up with her in December 2006 while she was pregnant. Their son, John Edward, is now 10 years old. After Brady broke up with Moynahan, she started a relationship with supermodel Gisele Bundchen. Brady and Bundchen got married in 2009 and they now have two children. The 46-year-old Moynahan married Manhattan businessman Andrew Frankel in 2016.

According to Moynahan, she remained quiet about Brady and Bundchen for the sake of her son.

Moynahan criticized by Patriots fans

However, Moynahan’s tweets were noticed by Patriots fans, who questioned her motive for supporting the Eagles. One fan said that he was hoping that Moynahan’s tweet wasn't supposed to be a dig at Brady and the actress is just an Eagles fan.

The fan added that Moynahan’s child with Brady will see the tweet at some point in his life. Another fan accused Moynahan of trying to be relevant.

Some netizens also defended the actress, saying Brady was the one who committed a mistake when he left her while pregnant for Bundchen. For her part, Bundchen was gracious in defeat as she congratulated every Eagles player she ran into.

According to reports, Eagles players were surprised by Bundchen’s gesture. Brady was also gracious in defeat, congratulating the Eagles for their outstanding job. In 2012, Bundchen blamed the Patriots receivers for not catching Brady’s pass in their loss to the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLVI.