Kevin Durant soured his relationship with his previous team when he decided to join the Warriors. He and Westbrook parted ways, and now they compete against each other as enemies. Whenever the Thunder play the Warriors, Kevin Durant and Russel Westbrook break into a sleek Basketball dual that determines the outcome of the match. Understandable, seeing as Westbrook has a point to prove, and so does Durant. Fast forward one and a half season we have a new Championship to add to the Warriors cabinet, and a Finals MVP for Kevin Durant.

Meanwhile, the Thunder crashed out of the Playoffs last season, with Westbrook playing brilliantly and yet still failing to keep his team in the Playoffs.

Most of the Thunder fans hold Durant responsible for this misery. Durant was their best player, and yet he chose to join the rival team at the worst possible moment. But it appears that the Oklahoma City Thunder has finally reached a position where they can now threaten to end the Warriors dynasty in order to rule the Western Conference.

The latest trade has not just smiled at the Cavs, but also the Thunders. The latest addition of Paul George and Carmelo Anthony has created an explosion in their attack that was previously not seen. Together with Russel Westbrook, these players are now called OKC’s Big Three. Sounds familiar? Yes! The Miami Heat big three! But are Westbrook, Paul George and Anthony as good as Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh?

Renovation of the Defense:

Oklahoma City Thunder has already beaten the Warriors at the beginning of the season. Then another one shortly after that defeat in the Oracle Arena. One of the key points in beating the Warriors was forcing them to make Turnovers. It’s a simple and yet evidently ignored stat. It is the number of times your team has given the ball away.

Steve Kerr already concurred after the last loss that the key to beating the Warriors was their resilient defense.

With the likes of Steven Adams and Paul George mastering the defense of the Thunders, it has been genuinely difficult for teams to score against OKC now. In fact, they are in the top five in terms of defensive rating.

Adams is a big obstruction alone, being seven feet tall, he is almost impossible to score against. Getting Paul George was brilliant. The guy contributes as much on offense, and he does on defense. The fact that they could effectively nullify Golden State Warriors offense says it all because their offensive efficiency is through the roof.

Addition of Carmelo Anthony:

He has yet to make a mark for the team, and one may think that he might not succeed in this team but that is highly unlikely. This team is already super effective both offensively and defensively. When Anthony starts to play full time, it will only bring in improvement, making the Thunders a genuine Championship winning team. The rest? We can only speculate.