LeBron James is considered ‘un-coachable’ or ‘his own coach’ by many NBA players and members of the media. This is due to LeBron’s sheer overriding dominance of the game of basketball with not only on the court athletic ability, but his IQ and knowledge of the game. Almost any coach in the league can coach him, but with or without them, LeBron’s own IQ is what he will benefit from the most. We have seen shades of this in the past whether it be running his own plays, making his own decisions or even scrapping his own coach’s play before hitting his infamous game winner against the Chicago Bulls in game four of the 2015 Eastern Conference semi-finals.

But according to a large number of NBA players around the league, LeBron James would not be in position to dominate his coach and rather be enlightened and thrive, if he had a certain coach in the league.

Popovich + LeBron = ?

Many look at great duo’s as player duo’s, such as Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Kevin McHale, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. But an even greater duo at times, can be involving the head coach, and with LeBron, he could definitely thrive with a great coach, even more than a great teammate.

San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich is no doubt, the best and most hilarious head coach in the league. His brutal unceremonious remarks and actions are unmatched by any other coach around the league, and his ability is well proven with five NBA championships since becoming head coach of the Spurs in 1996, after 30 years of no titles in San Antonio before that.

In a poll asked to 48 anonymous NBA players, asked ‘Which coach do you think LeBron should pair up with?’, 46 percent of them chose the Spurs master, Gregg Popovich. The poll is as follows:

Gregg Popovich – 22 votes (46%) Tyronn Lue – 9 votes (18%) Other – 17 votes (36%)

LeBron to the Spurs?

With a heavily talked about pending free agency in 2018, LeBron James finds himself in rumors about possible joining many teams, one being the San Antonio Spurs.

The Spurs are a team fans and media see as being a great location for the King to land as he has the chance to team up with young superstar Kawhi Leonard, legendary coach Gregg Popovich and the history of playing great basketball at a late age in a players career. Many believe LeBron could have the most successful end to his career in a place like SA due to the services they provide, as they did and are doing so for Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker and Pau Gasol.

But while 22 players out of 48 want to see LBJ join up with Popovich, 9 players still see the best option as LeBron staying in Cleveland with Coach Tyronn Lue. And with the recent trades, players are starting to believe that the King may very well stay in ‘The Land’ in the 2018 offseason.