When the story first broke regarding the FBI's probe into the shady underworld of AAU basketball and its relationship with the NCAA, it was hard to fathom that only a few assistant coaches were the only culprits. The sudden arrests shocked the basketball world as many in the industry just assumed that this was the way business was done.

These weren't sophisticated criminals. These were ordinary coaches and people, some that pushed the boundaries so far for success that no one realized how askew of the law they were drifting.

The bottom line is, it is very likely that many more people and programs would be implicated in this investigation.

Recent discoveries

The discovery phase of the trials of the former Adidas executives, who were at the heart of the six-figure payments made to Louisville players that cost longtime coach Rick Pitino his job, has revealed the feared worse case scenario. Dozens of programs are being targeted, along with coaches and projected NBA lottery picks.

The ripple effect that this investigation will have will no doubt transform the entire landscape of college basketball.

With up to 50 programs potentially involved to some degree, this will likely affect several top programs. Rumors have it that half of the current top 16 teams could see their entire season vacated when this is all said and done.

Which schools are involved?

This is a tricky question as there really is no precedent for an investigation of this magnitude.

The FBI is clearly following the money and that simple investigative tactic is leading them all over the country to countless programs. While reportedly half of the top 16 teams may be involved, here is the current rankings.

Louisville is already public enemy number one, as legendary coach Rick Pitino lost his job and prize recruit Brian Bowen was ruled ineligible to play.

This was the light that ignited the fire as there was clear evidence of payments coming directly from Adidas to the school, which was to be funneled to Bowen's family.

Bowen denies that he himself was involved and has since transferred to South Carolina and is hoping to be reinstated for next season.

As far as other schools go, Arizona is already under investigation due to their former assistant coach Emmanuel Richardson. The rest of the list is anybody's guess as they are all big-time programs who were at the very least aware of the culture in their sport.

It is only common sense that this type of practice of bribes and kickbacks really only benefits the biggest schools. A mid-major or smaller school doesn't have the resources or connections to offer a recruit $100,000.

It isn't worth their time to risk the sanctions and violations for a player that they feel they would just be outbid on anyways.

This investigation continues to send shock waves throughout the AAU and NCAA communities. At this point, we have officially entered uncharted waters as the final ramifications of this may forever change college basketball.