The NBA trade deadline is only one day away and the Cleveland Cavaliers need to make a move or two if they want to compete for an NBA title this year. The Cavs have a number of players they could trade and also hold two draft picks for the 2018 NBA Draft that they could offer up as trade bait. With time running out and the Cavaliers yet to make a move on the trade market, the word comes from Yahoo Sports that there are two players that Cleveland wants to trade for, one of them a huge name.

Who do the Cavs want to trade for?

The Cleveland Cavaliers are wanting to hold onto their top draft pick based on the Brooklyn Nets finish this season.

That is a draft pick that could help the Cavaliers pick up a star-quality player at the NBA trade deadline. The biggest trade dream for Cleveland will require either that draft pick or young players to help their trade partner rebuild for the future.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have the same player at the top of their dream list as they have had since the NBA trade rumors started this season. The Cavaliers would love to bring in DeAndre Jordan from the Los Angeles Clippers to shore up their defensive woes. They already offered the Clippers Tristan Thompson, J.R. Smith and their own later 2018 NBA first-round draft pick, but the Clippers rejected the trade.

With the NBA trade deadline only one day away, the Los Angeles Clippers might want to take what they can get for Jordan.

The big man is not an unrestricted free agent until 2019 but he has a player option in 2018. There is also a 15% trade kicker if they choose to trade him, and getting something for DeAndre Jordan is better than letting him opt out this summer and get nothing significant in return.

While the Los Angeles Clippers rejected the NBA trade offer from the Cleveland Cavaliers, the two are still in active discussions and Yahoo Sports indicates that the Cavs will be aggressive in trying to trade for DeAndre Jordan.

The Milwaukee Bucks, Washington Wizards and Portland Trail Blazer are also interested in Jordan.

The Cavaliers fall-back option

The Cleveland Cavaliers reportedly want to make a trade before the NBA trade deadline on Thursday and if they can't get DeAndre Jordan, they have someone else they are trying to trade for as a fall-back option.

That would be the Utah Jazz superstar Derrick Favors.

After seven seasons in Utah, the Jazz look like they are ready to let Derrick Favors go. He is an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season, so there is hope in Utah that they can get something in return. Bringing in Favors could force Kevin Love back to the center position, but would improve the Cleveland Cavaliers defense.