There is only one thing that people can agree upon as they watch the New England Patriots get ready for the AFC Championship game this weekend against Jacksonville. Something happened to Tom Brady in practice and he hurt his throwing hand to some degree. Aside from that, the wild speculations as far as the extent of the potential injury have been nothing short of outrageous.

Some say that it was a minor injury, some say he will be hindered Sunday, and some are even claiming that he is unlikely to play at all.

The amount of hearsay being thrown around is ludicrous. Thankfully, some were able to find the comedy in the whole situation.

Tom's press conference

Tom Brady did answer some of the media's questions in today's press conference.

However, the whole vibe seemed a bit surreal compared to his normal press conferences in any given week.

From the hat, to the gloves, to the Belichick-style question dodging, it all seemed like Brady had something to hide.

The whole team also appears to have been coached up to not draw any attention to the potential injury. Keeping things in house is a Belichick staple, but it's hard to hide an injury on the quarterback's throwing hand without anyone really noticing.

If he truly is injured, it's unlikely he would come right out and say it anyway.

It isn't exactly smart to give an upcoming opponent a target of weakness. Jacksonville has arguably one of the best defenses in the league. Seeing a potentially injured Brady is like a lion finding a wounded gazelle. They're not totally buying that he is in fact injured, however.

“I remember [Bills running back] LeSean McCoy said he had a high ankle sprain and came out there cutting and stuff,” said Jaguars defensive lineman Malik Jackson when asked if he thought Brady's injury would slow him down this weekend.

Back up plans?

If the worst case scenario comes true and Brady can't go this weekend, the Patriots will turn to backup Brian Hoyer. If you remember, Hoyer was signed after being cut by San Francisco in response to them trading for Brady's old backup Jimmy Garopolo.

This could be an absolute nightmare for New England. If Brady can't go and Hoyer comes in and plays poorly leading to a loss, it will be a direct indictment on the decision to trade Garopolo earlier this season.

There has already been much talk around the league as to why that trade was made and possible hard feelings it left between owner Robert Kraft and head coach Bill Belichick. Seeing the move backfire in a tangible way like this could have repercussions that last long after this season is over.