Responding to a demand issued by the US Olympic Committee (USOC), all members of the Usa Gymnastics (USAG) board will resign as of January 31, 2018. The letter, issued January 25, 2018, left no room for discussion. The demand for the resignations comes in the wake of the sexual abuse scandal carried out by Larry Nassar -- a former Michigan State and US Gymnastics team doctor. After Nassar was found guilty and sentenced to between 40 and 175 years in jail, for seven counts of 1st-degree criminal sexual assault, the US Olympic Committee believes that the resignations are a necessary action.

In its letter to the US Gymnastics Board of Directors, Scott Blackmun, the US Olympic Committee’s CEO, commented on the shocking and tragic stories surrounding Nassar’s abuse of vulnerable athletes for many years. Blackmun was clear, however, that they did not base the resignation requirements upon any information that these individuals had contributed in any manner to the abuse. He indicated that a fresh start was required. In addition to the resignations, the letter states the plan going forward for the US Gymnastics Committee. An interim board will be seated immediately, with new board members replacing the interim members within the next 12 months.

In a report from former federal prosecutor Deborah Daniels, it was determined that a complete culture change would be required for the USAG.

More than 70 individual recommendations have been made for this change. For instance, the USOC designate will attend all USAG Board meetings. Substantive discussions must also be made towards plans for implementing the recommendations in the Daniels Report. The USAG must also cooperate fully in an independent investigation to determine who knew, or should have known about the abuse.

By Monday, January 22, 2018, four of the existing board members had already resigned in the wake of the damning testimony provided by Aly Raisman at the hearing. Commenting that both the USAG and USOC head were "very quick to capitalize and celebrate my success“ she was understandably disappointed when they did not come forward to support her when the accusations came to light.

The Karolyi Ranch in Texas, the former training center for the national team, will no longer be used by the USAG according to their announcement last week. Lou Ann Simon, former Michigan State University President, also resigned Wednesday after the sentencing hearing.