This has been a strange time which the ATP circuit has been forced to endure. Tomorrow, the final act of the first Grand Slam of the year will unfold in Melbourne having Marin Cilic eager to take some revenge over Roger Federer - last year's champion. Basically, a 2017 Wimbledon final replay will be held at Melbourne Park. For others, luck is a past thought as injuries didn't allow them to perform at their best, or even try competing.

Andy Murray was the biggest absence in this year's Aussie Open main draw. The 30-year-old who is a five-time runner-up of this particular event was trying to make that long-awaited comeback in Melbourne but that lingering hip injury turned out to have a different agenda.

It eventually forced Murray to pursue the hardest path which means surgery was needed. Now, 2018 Wimbledon is the event upon which all agree, will be Murray's best chance to mount a successful return into the tennis sphere.

Andy Murray will have many questions to find an answer to

Any thread of debate revolving around Andy Murray has to follow a specific road where his work ethic is what holds the pieces together. A hard working type of player, Andy Murray used to be one of the greatest defensive players in the ATP circuit, but, as the hip issue went rogue, his future game plan might look a bit different.

In the past, Murray wouldn't have said 'no' to a proper find, that specific type of grind that most players can't handle for too long.

Choosing to potentially mount a comeback on the fast surfaces at the Wimbledon Championships might be the proper place to initiate a new type of approach, a more aggressive one that will lead to shortened points and a less physical toll to worry about.

Moreover, Murray will have to face the meanders of not being a seeded player.

Thus, the element of luck may be playing its own part in his comeback bid.

A plague that seems to never end

It's not hard to point out how much the ATP circuit's dynamic has changed over the past year alone. With so many ATP tennis stars out due to injuries, the top slots are seeking some new permanent tenants. A solid pack of former Top 10 players are roaming outside the top 10 which is a bit odd.

The likes of Djokovic, Raonic, Murray, Nishikori, and Wawrinka are all part of a strong group that has known success over the past years. Now, they are struggling to keep all the pieces in place. For Andy Murray, it seems that the hiatus will extend to a one-year gap. Is he going to make it back or he will get lost somewhere along the road?