Roger Federer has been elbowing one of the most successful comebacks in tennis history. Since his return to professional tennis back in January 2017, he managed to clinch three out of five Grand Slam tennis events. As the other two went into Nadal's pocket, this whole affair seems like a surreal journey.

Preparing to lift up his sixth Australian Open trophy, the Mighty Swiss tennis star suddenly seemed overwhelmed by the moment. In that very moment, it was pretty clear that rivers of tears were about to stream down his face. Still, he was able to finish off a decent speech, but, the emotional moment sent all of us nine years in the past forcing us into a vivid reliving of the 2009 Aussie Open celebration.

Similar situations on different frames

Back in 2009, the first Grand Slam of the year had quite an ending episode with Roger Federer opposing the younger blood of Rafael Nadal. At the time, the Swiss was 27-year-old and was chasing down his 14th Major. The season of 2009 went down as the last one that had Federer featuring in all four Grand Slam finals.

At the other end of the tennis court was standing Rafael Nadal, a five-time Major titlist at the moment and the one who was leading the assault on Federer's kingdom along with Djokovic and Murray.

Rafael Nadal went on to win an Aussie classic, a five-set thriller that left Roger Federer, a prisoner in defeat. The ceremony had Nadal trying to comfort the runner-up in what turned out to be one of the most memorable moments of their rivalry.

Nine years later, Federer watered the ground of Rod Laver Arena with his tears, only, this time, they were tears of joy. Moreover, he's just bagged the 20th Grand Slam title.

Roger Federer put his heart on a plate

For a player like Federer who feeds out of his image of a wise and well-balanced guy, it's not easy to survive through an emotional carousel like that occurred in Melbourne.

But, once again, it's a lesson of an athlete who put everything in for tennis and who received so much in return, so much that he can barely carry the weight around.

Capping his sixth Aussie crown, Federer may have accessed a whole new territory in men's tennis. A double-digit number ii the Grand Slam department is probably something only a few would have hoped a year ago.

Can Federer win another Grand Slam? Probably. Can he defy time even more? That's a tricky question. After all, he will turn 37 in August, and the thought of having Federer written off might be crawling in the back of the mind.