Alex Guerrero, trainer and close friend of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, broke his silence about his reported rift with head coach Bill Belichick. It was earlier reported by Seth Wickersham of ESPN that Belichick stripped Guerrero of some team privileges, banning him from team flights and from staying on the sideline during games. Belichick also prohibited Guerrero from treating other players, aside from Brady, in his office at Gillette Stadium. In past interviews, Belichick and Brady refused to discuss the alleged rift between the head coach and Guerrero.

In a joint statement, Brady, Belichick and team owner Robert Kraft called Wickersham's report “unsubstantiated, exaggerated and inaccurate.”

Guerrero said he has good relationship with Belichick

Guerrero recently bumped into Kirk Minihane of and discussed the ESPN report. According to Brady’s trainer, he and Belichick shared a laugh and a high-five over the Wickersham story. Guerrero said Belichick also told him “we made news today.” Guerrero also denied Wickersham’s claim that former Patriots backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo was denied treatment by TB12 performance center at Gillette Stadium. Wickersham said Garoppolo went to the center, but it was locked and no one answered when he knocked.

Guerrero admitted that Belichick limited his access to the team in recent years, but clarified that he feels that he still has a good relationship with the head coach. Guerrero said he only declined to talk about the issue so as not to portray it as a major rift within the team.

Kraft admits tension within team

During his appearance on “Good Morning Football," Kraft admitted that tension exists within the team, but it has resulted in good things for the Patriots.

“You have tension. I think a certain amount of tension helps make great things happen,” he said. Despite the tension, team president Jonathan Kraft clarified that there’s no dysfunction within the Patriots. Earlier, Wickersham reported an alleged power struggle between Brady, Kraft and Belichick in terms of who gets the credit for the team’s success in the past years.

Wickersham also reported that Kraft is dipping his hands into some of the team’s decision, including the Garoppolo trade to the San Francisco 49ers. After Brady informed the front office about his intent to play into his mid-40s, Kraft reportedly approached Belichick and ordered him to trade Garoppolo. Despite his objection, Belichick heeded Kraft’s order, shipping the backup quarterback to the 49ers for a 2018 second-round selection.