The NFL coaching rumors are heating up and, of course, we can’t enter January without mentioning two names - Nick Saban and Jon Gruden. Gruden is proof that you can “never say never” as he has made the jump from ESPN back to the gridiron with the Oakland Raiders. Is Nick Saban looking to do the same?

Arians on Saban

Nick Saban will tell you he is happy at Alabama. How could he not be, the Tide seemingly wins the NCAA title every season! He will also tell you he is through with the NFL. Yeah, so was Jon Gruden. Well, former Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians thinks that Saban just might pull the ripcord on Alabama now that one job Saban has always wanted is available.

The two are longtime friends, and according to a USA Today report on Tuesday, Arians said that Alabama coach Nick Saban covets the New York Giants coaching job.

Arians said in an interview with Fox Sports that "it would not surprise me" if Saban sought to return to the NFL, and that Saban has interest in only one particular job.

"There's a job he covets. It just happens to be open," Arians said. "But he's got a dynasty right now, another dynamite recruiting class — why he would do it, I don't know.

But it would not shock me if he did." When asked why are the Giants so special to Saban Arians replied "Because they're the New York Giants. When we grew up, they were the thing.”

Saban has said he has no interest in leaving Alabama, but just remember, this is the same guy who told the Miami press that he had never spoken to Alabama personnel and had no intention of leaving the Dolphins back in 2007.

We all know how that worked out.

Patricia to Motown or the Big Apple?

While the Nick Saban rumors will continue to rise no matter how often he denies them, another hot name in the market is Matt Patricia. The bearded New England Patriots defensive coordinator is red hot and in demand right now around the NFL and as of 48 hours ago, the rumor mill was hot for him heading to Detroit.

Now it seems he is No. 1 on the Giants wishlist.

Current Lions general manager Bob Quinn worked 12 years with Patricia while with the New England Patriots. After Quinn recently interviewed Patricia for the Lions current vacancy at head coach, the rumors were that everything went great and Patricia was all but a done deal.

Now the NY Daily News is reporting otherwise.

Pat Leonard of the Daily News has reported that all signs are pointing to Matt Patricia becoming the new leader of the New York Giants. If this is true, could it be Deja Vu all over again for the Detroit Lions?

Back in January of 2014, Detroit interviewed San Diego Chargers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt for their coaching vacancy.

All indications seemed that Whisenhunt would get the job. Instead, Tennessee stepped in and lured him away and the Lions went on to hire Jim Caldwell. In all fairness, Bob Quinn was not here at that time, and we still do not know who will be the Lions coach at this time, but for the Lions, it could be another case of getting beaten out by another team for a coach they really want to obtain. Time will tell.