LeBron James is the richest active player in the NBA right now, not due to his professional basketball salary, however, but more for the money, he has earned through endorsements and participation in extracurricular activities. LeBron James has a reasonably large list of sponsors including Kia, McDonald's, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Beats By Dre which combine to earn him almost $100 million per year.

Nike is his biggest sponsor, they have given LeBron a lifetime contract worth over $1 billion, and LeBron sells one of the most popular sneakers in the world each year.

Not only this, but the King also holds an investment in the uprising Blaze Pizza company, owns a production company with his business manager, and owns a percentage of the Liverpool Football Club franchise.

LeBron certainly knows a thing or two about earning money and doing so with having their own signature shoe. King James has released a new sneaker each season he has been in the National Basketball Association, starting with his first sneaker, the Nike Zoom Generation 1 he wore in his rookie season, up until the LeBron 15’s he wears now in his 15th season. LeBron sent a message to Westbrook after starting his own shoe line.

The King tweets a message to Brodie

LeBron James and Russell Westbrook are two very close friends in the NBA.

When they face off against each other, they want nothing more than to destroy each other, but outside the four lines they hope for the best for each other and can condemn milestones they reach. Oklahoma City Thunder superstar point guard Russell Westbrook just released his Jordan Why Not Zer0.1 kicks, and wore them for the first time on Wednesday night in their win over the Los Angeles Lakers.

LeBron was quick to tweet about Brodie’s new footwear:

The shoes like Westbrook are very outlandish and will be released on January 15th for the cheap price of $125. But the likelihood is that these shoes will be sold out very quickly, and most people will be looking to cop from a second seller.

If you are not in the US, however, these shoes will be released globally on February 15th.

Started from the bottom

Russell Westbrook talked about the excitement he feels for having his own shoe line, and how it has been a dream of his since he was a kid. Westbrook said:

“What a blessing!!! I could never imagine a kid like myself with his OWN shoe!! I’m still in shock lol. Huge thanks to (Jordan) for the opportunity and can’t wait to show y’all more flavors! #whynot”

LeBron James can also relate to this message, as he has stated many times in the past. He is just a kid from Akron, Ohio, he wasn’t supposed to be in the NBA. But here he is, with his own shoe line worth one billion dollars and a being arguably the greatest player in NBA history.