The Los Angeles Lakers are looking to turn their fortunes around and are expected to make big deals in the coming months. While there is no imminent deal at this point, the Lakers are being linked to a possible trade for New Orleans Pelicans center DeMarcus Cousins. Reports by blog L.A. Sports Hub provided a lot of details for this article.

Cousins is widely considered as one of the best centers in the league. If the Pelicans decide to move Cousins, contenders are expected to make strong pitches, but the Lakers are also expected to be in the running for the All-Star center.

DeMarcus Cousins for rebuilding pieces?

Cousins will become a free agent after the 2017-18 NBA Season. The Pelicans are not sure if they can keep the mercurial center in New Orleans, which might force them to give him up before the deadline. By doing so, the Pelicans will say goodbye to their playoff hopes but will not run the risk of losing Cousins next summer.

Championship contenders are going to chase Cousins, but the Lakers could be the ideal trade partner for the Pelicans, the L.A. Sports Hub reported. The Lakers have rebuilding pieces, which are more attractive than what contenders can offer outside of the 2018 Brooklyn Nets first-round pick of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Lakers could include Jordan Clarkson or Julius Randle, or even both, in a trade package for Cousins.

The Lakers are reportedly open to dealing Clarkson and Randle to clear cap space for potential superstar signings in free agency.

Trading for Cousins will give the Lakers a superstar that they are looking for. Despite playing alongside Anthony Davis, who is also considered as one of the best big men in the league, the 27-year-old is still averaging 25.2 points on top of 12.6 rebounds and 1.6 blocks per game this season.

And if the experiment fails, they will keep the open cap space, since Cousins will come off their books after the season. The Lakers will still have enough room to sign a superstar or two in the offseason.

Why give up assets if the Lakers can sign Cousins next summer?

The Lakers have the option to send Clarkson and Randle to other teams for expiring deals and future assets.

After clearing cap space, they will then get a chance to nab Cousins in free agency.

However, if the Lakers really want to get Cousins, trading for him is the best option at this point. According to Marc Stein of ESPN, the Pelicans will likely convince Cousins to sign a new deal next summer, especially if they make the 2018 NBA Playoffs. The Pelicans are currently seventh in the NBA Western Conference standings.