Tom Brady, 40, New England Patriots quarterback and superstar of the Football world, showed his assertive side during a recent Interview on the "Kirk and Callahan" show. The football icon has been featured weekly during the broadcast by the WEEI station, located in Boston. However, what seemed to be a typical interview between the star and a pair of media giants has gone awry, and supporters of both sides involved have come out to share their perspectives. The debate over what is acceptable to say and what isn't has scabbed over in the sports world, but this recent incident has opened up that wound yet again.

A blasphemous opinion

Things appeared to go smoothly, until... that came to a halt. During an interview, mic jockey Alex Reimer, 25, made a disparaging comment about Brady's daughter, Vivian, calling her "an annoying little pissant" while giving his opinion on the first episode of "Tom vs Time," a program starring the footballer. For many fans, the program was a rare chance to get to know Brady a bit more as the "person" and not the celebrity that he is known as. This prompted Papa Bear Tom to bare his claws and end the call. "I’ll obviously evaluate whether I want to come on this show again, so I really don’t have much to say this morning. So, maybe I’ll speak with you guys some other time," he reportedly said according to the New York Daily News, before hanging up.

A short clip of the incident has gone viral, amassing over one million views in just three days (check it out below).

Outrage and corporate solatium

In the days following the incident, Reimer has been suspended from his job, and the internet has reacted to his comments, perhaps with more defensive ire than the celebrity father himself.

Entercom, the company which presides over WEEI, has apologized via its senior vice president Mark Hannon, calling Reimer's words "indefensible," but not even that was good enough to calm the tempest of angry tweeters. Among those supporting Brady is Yahoo! Sports columnist Dan Wetzel.

Troy Hughes, a radio host who is under the Entercom media family, came out in support of Brady as well, with a wrathful scenario laid out for Reimer, had he been in Tom's shoes.

Glimmers of clemency

However, despite the mess that is Reimer's reputation reaching a boiling point, Brady has said: “I would certainly hope the guy is not fired. I would hate for that to happen." in a merciful statement reported by Pro Football Talk at NBC Sports. Despite this, Reimer has yet to apologize of his own volition, and the internet is ablaze like wild hellfire with posts calling for his ruination.

Only time will tell if the bold radio jock's career will be able to ride out this lapse in judgment. One person, however, appears to agree with Reimer. Wendy Williams, 53, host of the gossip hub on daytime TV, "The Wendy Williams Show," cosigned his remark, in a flagrantly snide commentary regarding young children in general. According to News Star 24/7, the audience of the show (originally aired on January 30) gasped in shock as she brazenly offered: "So what?" as part of her response. Williams then went on to use an incident involving Blue Ivy Carter, daughter of Jay-Z and Beyoncé to substantiate her point that all children are little "pissants" when they are five years of age. "Ugh, annoying," Williams added, "These are the annoying years!"