Most sports fans and analysts were expecting Bills’ center Eric Wood, who recently found out that he cannot keep playing football, due to neck problems detected in his post-season physical, to officially announce his retirement today. That did not happen. However, his brief press conference that he delivered in the Bills' facility left more questions than answers. Here is what Wood revealed about his neck injury and football career.

Wood’s football career is done

Wood started off the press conference by announcing that Dr. Cappuccino told him that he cannot play football anymore, due to the result of his physical.

According to Wood, a “return is not possible,” and the news is something that the Bills’ center found out about an hour before his son Garrett was born.

Two consecutive stingers in weeks five and six alerted center to problems

The veteran center, who spent nine years with the Bills, explained that the problems seemed to start in the first part of the season. Wood said that he took stingers in Weeks five and six. X-rays revealed that there was not any significant damage. However, the end of the season physical and an MRI revealed the extent of his injuries, which were stated by Wood as “a disk that was dangerously close to my spinal cord.”

How will Wood stay on the Bills' roster?

Surprisingly, Eric Wood said that he is “still on the Bills’ roster and will help out in some capacity.” This comment raises more questions than answers.

Will Wood stay on the team as some type of coach or help with PR or marketing? The player has done much charity work for children in Buffalo, which could be how Wood helps the Bills’ organization. The center said that he will address more questions at a later date. Wood ended the press conference by thanking everyone for their support.

He quickly walked off stage and picked up his daughter, Grace.

Sean McDermott reflects on Wood’s announcement

When Sean McDermott was asked about Wood’s news, as heard on WGR’s “The John Murphy Show,” the Buffalo coach said, “This goes well beyond the game.” Admitting that he was surprised by Wood’s career-ending injury, McDermott tried to emphasize the positive side of Wood’s injury: “The good news in all this is that Eric can go on and enjoy time with his family for the rest of his life.” The Buffalo coach also said that he would never forget the look on Wood’s face when the team finally broke the 17-year playoff drought this season. Fans look forward to hearing how Wood can help Buffalo in the future.

Good luck to you, Eric Wood. Thank you for nine great seasons with the Buffalo Bills.