The Cleveland Cavaliers are a different team in the 2017-18 NBA season than they were when they reached the NBA Finals over the last three seasons. With Kyrie Irving gone to the Boston Celtics, the Cavaliers have a new dichotomy with Isiaih Thomas finally on the court and trying to fit in, and Dwyane Wade is working on the second team. However, with the team losing eight of their last 10 games, Cavaliers players know that changes need to come if they want to win the NBA Finals this year. That has brought a lot of discontent in the fact the Cleveland front office is unwilling to make a move that could help the team now.

What has the Cavaliers' players upset?

While LeBron James has always ignored much of the talk of the regular season, wanting to get his team into the postseason healthy and ready to play, the losses right now have his teammates with the Cleveland Cavaliers concerned. According to, some players are speaking out against their team anonymously about issues that range from a poor rotation to an aging roster to questions about the future.

The most significant question according to Uproxx is whether or not the Cleveland Cavaliers front office even cares if they make the NBA Finals this year. With LeBron James maybe leaving next season when his contract expires, Cleveland wants to maintain a competitive lineup, and that might involve the 2018 NBA Draft.

A huge complaint comes from players who hate the fact that the Cleveland Cavaliers are not actively trying to trade the 2018 NBA Draft pick they own based on the Brooklyn Nets first-round pick this year.

The positives and negatives of the trade

The positives of trading the Brooklyn Nets 2018 NBA Draft pick are evident to the Cleveland Cavaliers players.

They could use that pick along with someone like Tristan Thompson and Channing Frye to try to bring in someone like DeAndre Jordan to help them win now. That could be a game-changing trade and could bring another NBA title to Cleveland.

However, there is also a negative here. If they make the trade and LeBron James leaves next season, the Cleveland Cavaliers have no high NBA Draft pick to use to replace him, and they will crumble in the 2018-19 NBA season when most their superstars follow LeBron out of town.

According to ESPN, some players have expressed concern they won't be able to rebound and won't compete for the NBA title without making a trade involving the draft pick. That has caused what some have called "tension and frustration" in the Cleveland Cavaliers locker room.

Other Cavaliers players have said they think things can work themselves out when they are fully healthy and if they remain patient. A lot of the season left to play out, but for now, there is a lot of frustration in the Cleveland Cavaliers locker room.