UFC boss Dana White dropped a bombshell in an interview with YouTube. When asked about three of the sports' biggest stars returning to the ring in 2018, White candidly said they he expects all three to fight at some point.

What is really getting people going is the third name he mentioned. The first two, Conor McGregor and Brock Lesnar were already expected to make their triumphant returns to the octagon. The third, Jon "Bones" Jones, is one of the most controversial fighters in UFC history. Despite his talents, he has a complete inability to stay out of trouble.

The return of McGregor, Lesnar, and Jones?

McGregor will be back at some point in 2018 if he wants to defend his lightweight title. It has already been decided that Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov will fight for the interim title in April, leaving the winner to face McGregor sometime this fall.

Lesnar has been the biggest pay per view draw in heavyweight history. He put on a dominant performance in his last fight with Mark Hunt. However, after the fight, Lesnar tested positive for a banned substance and has not fought since. Given his age and suspension concerns, it is unclear what fight he would take, if any, in 2018.

It's simple business that White would want both of these stars to fight as soon as they are ready.

The sport has been missing a transcendent star since McGregor stepped away last year to give boxing a try.

Could we really see Jon Jones this year?

The most intriguing fighter mentioned by White would definitely be Jon Jones. Jones was suspended after a failed drug test that forced him out of a rematch for the light heavyweight title with Daniel Cormier in 2016.

When Jones returned from the suspension, he manhandled Cormier to win back the title.

However, Jones again tested positive for a banned substance post-fight and the match was declared a no contest. Cormier was eventually given back the belt, though he admittedly didn't want it at first. Cormier recently defended the title at UFC 220 when he schooled Volkan Oezdemir, putting him away in the second round via TKO.

What makes this recent suspension different is Jones' adamant denial of wrongdoing. He claims that he did not knowingly take a banned substance and has gone as far as taking a successful lie detector test to proclaim his innocence.

He is facing a potential 4-year suspension so he is trying anything at this point. Beating a lie detector test has opened some people's eyes that maybe he really didn't take PEDs and his suspension may be vacated.

Could Cormier's next fight be against Jon Jones? It would be yet another chapter in the two's ongoing rivalry as Jones is the only fighter in the UFC to have defeated Cormier.

According to Jon Jones, he still has plenty left in the tank.