The Pittsburgh Steelers are looking like the best team in the league, and they are "primed" to make a playoff run. With last night's win, the Pittsburgh Steelers have created a cushion between themselves and the Baltimore Ravens atop the AFC North, as well as extended their winning streak to seven games. What's unique about this seven-game winning streak is that during those seven games, Pittsburgh won five out seven of those games by less than a touchdown. Their performance in these five games displayed two things that any team needs to win a Super Bowl, grit and determination; Veteran leadership from Big Ben and Antonio Brown continue, night in and night out, to prove themselves late in games.

If Big Ben manages to stay healthy and on his feet, it will be smooth sailings to a first-round bye.

Steelers have a target on their back

Currently, the Pittsburgh Steelers are in a four-way tie for first in the NFL and lead the AFC North by three games. During the weeks to come, two out of the four teams they play are above .500, and both of them have good reasons to want the Steelers to lose. Next Sunday, December 9, 2017, Pittsburgh goes up against a fierce divisional rival, the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens are not only still in the hunt for the AFC division title, but they also have a considerable vendetta against the Steelers. The Ravens dropped their first meeting with the Steelers 26-9 back on October 1st, 2017.

With that game still burning brightly in their minds, the Steelers best believe that Ravens will be looking to heal their bruised ego, and come out guns blazing on Sunday.

Possible AFC championship preview on 12/17/17

If they do manage to keep the Baltimore Ravens at bay, they will put themselves in an excellent position to uproot the defending Super Bowl champion, New England Patriots.

Since the Steelers last Super Bowl victory, they have found themselves, along with everyone else in the league, in the Patriots shadow. Granted, the Patriots have been the gold standard in the NFL, let alone the AFC, for an entire decade. That being said, the 2017 Steelers, out of any team, have the best chance of turning that tide.

They have arguably the best receiving core in the league, a two time Super Bowl Champion quarterback, and a coach who is willing to do anything to win.

Luckily for the fans, we don't have to wait for the AFC championship to see these two teams go at it. On December 17th, 2017, the Steelers and Patriots meet at Heinz Field. This game could determine the first seed in the AFC, and pave the way for home-field advantage in the playoffs, something that will be very important come January. It is my personal opinion that Big Ben is ready for one last hurrah. His offensive line is getting him the time he needs, his receiving core is making plays, and his running back is keeping the defense guessing.

As long as the Steelers defense can keep playing the way that they have, Ben might end up getting himself, and Mike Tomlin, a third ring. It is about time that Steelers fans have something to cheer about other than the Terry Bradshaw's next movie.