There is a rift brewing between New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and the personal trainer of veteran quarterback Tom Brady, which, if escalates, could drive Belichick to accept the head-coaching job with the New York Giants.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, there have been rumors of potential issues between Belichick and Alex Guerrero, Brady's personal trainer. The issue could also create a wedge between Belichick and Brady, if not immediately and adequately addressed.

Guerrero has been joining Brady on recent road trips with the Patriots, but he was not seen in the team’s last road game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

According to Matt Burke of, Brady believes that there is a double-standard in New England as Linda Holliday, the girlfriend of Belichick has often been seen on the sidelines before and after road games this season. Guerrero, for his part, is not a member of the coaching staff.

Brady-Belichick relationship affected by rift?

When asked about the situation, Schefter said he had heard rumors about the rift between Belichick and Guerrero, but cannot pinpoint what started it. When asked if it will blow over and affect the relationship between Brady and Belichick, Schefter said he has no extensive knowledge on how deep the rift is, whether it’s a big deal or not for the quarterback.

When asked about the alleged rift, Brady refused to address it but emphasized that Guerrero has been an integral part of what he’s doing.

“I’m so fortunate to have him not only as a friend but with everything we’ve been able to do together,” Brady told WEEI. The 40-year-old Brady credited Guerrero for keeping him in playing shape despite his age. When pressed about Guerrero’s absence during their latest road trip against the Steelers, Brady replied: “I don’t have any comment on that.”

Belichick could coach Giants?

If the rift between Belichick and Guerrero blows over and affect Brady, Patriots team owner Robert Kraft might side with his veteran quarterback.

If that happens, Belichick will not be hesitant to leave the team and take another job. Belichick is close to New York Giants team owner John Mara and could take the head coaching job that was vacated after the team fired Ben McAdoo. Mara is expected to consider Belichick’s advice when hiring their next coach. A strong candidate for the position is Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, who is also being touted as Belichick’s replacement in New England.