The Miami Heat entered the 2017-18 NBA season with great promise. They were expected to emerge in the Eastern Conference, especially after an impressive finish to their previous campaign. Unfortunately, as the present season rolls by, on and off-court problems are getting the best of Miami. These issues will likely make the Heat and their players favorites in NBA trade rumors.

The expendables

CBS Sports mentioned in a report nearly a week ago that it is possible for the Miami Heat to undergo the rebuilding process. They could start over to improve their future.

At the moment, Miami is an average squad. If the Heat fails to accomplish significant moves like rebuilding, they will likely stay the same. They will be a team capable of reaching the playoffs, but not win an NBA championship. Sadly, if they have to rebuild, they need to part ways with prominent names and this is where NBA trade rumors come in.

CBS Sports suggested two players the Miami Heat may move if they are going to rebuild. These were Dion Waiters and Kelly Olynyk.

In the 2016-17 season, Waiters' first year in Miami, he proved that he is a scorer. The 26-year-old also delivered in clutch situations for the Heat. These are the reasons that make him a potential trade asset. There are several organizations in the league in need of an offensive weapon and a closer.

Meanwhile, Olynyk is a reliable all-around player. The Gonzaga Bulldogs product is a good defender, though he can put the ball in the basket when needed. The Heat might use these attributes when they place him on the market.

However, trading either Waiters, Olynyk, or both of them is going to be difficult for the Miami Heat.

According to CBS Sports, their contracts are the reasons why. During this year's offseason, the two inked four-year deals with the Heat. Waiters re-signed with the franchise and is set to earn $52 million. Olynyk, on the other hand, headed to Miami as a free agent and secured a deal worth $50 million. It is uncertain at this point if there is a team willing to absorb their hefty long-term contracts.

Heat schedule

It is too early to include the Miami Heat in numerous NBA trade rumors since they still have a chance to turn things around and prevent a rebuild. The Heat are currently ninth in the Eastern Conference with their 15-15 record. They are coming off a 110-104 loss to the Atlanta Hawks.

Up next on Miami's schedule is a clash with the best team in the East, the Boston Celtics. The Heat are taking on the Celtics on the road on December 20. After this, they are heading back to South Beach for a four-game homestand that opens with a December 22 game versus the Dallas Mavericks.