This year’s trade deadline is shaping up to be a memorable one, with so many big name players rumored to hit the trading market once February arrives. Still, blockbuster moves don’t usually lead to success. Sometimes, all it takes is an under-the-radar transaction to make a big difference on any team.

Luckily for contenders, there will be no shortage of role players available. From high-scoring combo guards to two-way wingers to serviceable big men, the trading market offers plenty of options for buyers to beef up their roster before they venture into the second half of the season and the postseason grind.

In this first entry of the trade meter, the focus will be on the combo guards and wingers who are expected to dominate the trade rumor mill in the coming weeks.

Courtney Lee

The New York Knicks winger is a prototypical 3-and-D player. Lee’s ability to shoot threes and guard opposing wings make him a hot commodity in today’s NBA, so moving him is easy for the Knicks. However, with New York looking like a playoff team in the Eastern Conference this season, trading a consistent contributor like Lee would be a momentum-buster and bad PR move at the same time.

Although the Knicks are still in rebuilding mode, a playoff stint this year would be a lot more significant for the franchise than collecting draft picks or expiring contracts.

Trade suitors would have to throw in a really competitive package in order to land the still productive two-way guard.

As long as the Knicks keep winning, the likelihood of Lee being dealt to another team by the trade deadline also decreases.

Trade Meter: A yellow alert or 25 to 35 percent chance a deal involving the player takes place.

Jamal Crawford

The only three-time Sixth Man of the Year hardly gets his usual 25+ minutes playing time in Minnesota, as T-Wolves coach Tim Thibodeau once again allots major minutes for his starters. Crawford, who joined the Wolves on a two-year, $9MM bargain deal with the hope of becoming a key piece of the team’s campaign this season, has already voiced his displeasure for the lack of minutes on the floor.

Crawford has already become trade eligible after the three-month moratorium on players who signed contracts on or before September 15 was lifted on December 15. The guard’s situation in Minnesota doesn’t necessarily command a great deal of attention right now, though it has the potential to snowball into something noteworthy if Thibs doesn’t properly address the distribution of minutes within his team.

Trade Meter: Still a yellow alert with 30 to 40 percent chance of a Crawford trade.

Jordan Clarkson

Clarkson is having the most productive season of his four-year career, all because of his smooth transition from a playmaking guard to an aggressive combo guard. With so many teams looking for a reliable scorer off the bench, there will be a market for the Lakers guard.

It’s no secret that the Lakers' organization has been trying to unload contracts for more buying power next free agency season. But with the kind of form Clarkson has been showing the past two months, it would be surprising if the Lakers deal him for a bag of peanuts (expiring contracts or late second-round picks).

Make no mistake, Clarkson has significantly increased his trade value and the Lakers may even salvage a first-round pick with the right trade partner.

Trade Meter: An orange alert with a 75 percent chance of a deal.