The Buffalo Bills' diminishing playoff hopes after getting blown out 23-3 by the New England Patriots has taken a backseat this week. Rob Gronkowski’s dirty hit on Buffalo cornerback Tre’Davious White has been the AFC East’s top news. After White hit the ground upon intercepting Brady and was clearly out-of-bounds, Gronkowski ran at White and dropped his weight on top of him. His arm hit White in the back of the head and gave him a concussion. White looked dazed after the cheap shot and had to be helped to the sideline. The rookie may miss the Bills game against the Indianapolis Colts next week.

The Gronkowski incident is nothing to take lightly, which is why he is getting a one-game suspension from the NFL. Concussions have been linked with CTE, which has taken the lives of former NFL players Davis Duerson and Mike Webster. Here's how some sports analysts feel about the Gronkowski hit.

Cris Carter blasts Gronk for hit

On the show “First Things First,” Cris Carter talked about the Gronk hit, saying: “What he did, he should be suspended. With a guy lying defenseless face down, you can’t hit an NFL player in his head. So many ways this is wrong. He wound up and hit the guy.”

The show’s other host, Nick Wright, had plenty to say about Gronkowski’s hit on White: “What Gronk did was egregious.

Of course, he should be suspended, and Gronk continually gets a pass on the type of behavior other guys wouldn’t get a pass on because he's like everyone’s favorite meathead. This was as dirty a play as anything I’ve seen on the NFL this year.”

Wright went on to say that the Gronk cheap shot was like the one that Vontaze Burfict inflicted on Pittsburgh Steeler wide receiver Antonio Brown last year.

The hit knocked Brown out of the AFC Wildcard game and gave him a concussion.

Gronk to appeal his suspension

According to, Gronkowski plans on appealing his one-game suspension. If the league stays true to their original ruling, then Gronk will not play in the Patriots’ game against the Miami Dolphins. It is hard to say if Gronk’s suspension will get overturned.

NFL Vice President of Football Operations Jon Runyan informed the tight end of his suspension in a letter, as stated by Runyan told Gronk his actions were intentional and that White was put at risk by the tight end's actions.

Gronkowksi blamed the lack of flags and White holding him for his decision to pile drive the Bills' cornerback. Time to be a better man, Gronk.