Dwyane Wade is currently in his 15th season in the league after being drafted with the 5th overall pick in the first round of the 2003 NBA Draft. This was one of the most famous and talented draft classes in league history, that featured other greats including LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Carmelo Anthony. Since that time, Wade has had himself a very successful career, scoring 21,648 points, grabbing 4,502 rebounds, dishing 5,287 assists, stealing the ball 1,526 times, and blocking 823 shots. But not only has he piled on the stats, and shown his impressive all-around game in doing so, he has also won three NBA championships, with one Finals MVP in 2006 and has made the All-NBA first-team two times, and the second-team three times.

The All-Star game is one thing that Dwyane is very familiar with, he has been to the All-Star game on 12 different occasions from 2005 to 2016.

With all these accomplishments, if Dwyane were to end his career right now, he would go down as one of the greatest and most memorable players of all time. But with high hopes in the Cleveland Cavaliers’ team, he is on right now, it doesn’t seem that the shooting guard would want his career to end anytime soon, especially as he chases a 4th NBA title. But a recent Instagram post has sparked rumors and has hinted that Wade might be in his last season in the NBA.

Wade posts controversial caption on Instagram

The Cleveland Cavaliers almost came back from 20+ points to defeat the Milwaukee Bucks on Tuesday night (Dec.

19) when the Cavaliers second unit, led by Dwyane Wade, went on an incredible offensive and defensive run. A few unlucky plays for the Cavaliers in the last few minutes of the fourth quarter decided it in the end, as Cleveland fell 119-116 to the Bucks. But either way, it was a very exciting game and Wade made sure to post about his excitement on Instagram after he made some huge vintage plays in the game.

Dwyane Wade via Instagram.

The line that has everyone talking is “If that was my last game in the Bradley Center… I just wanna say it has been one helluva ride.” The only way that this would be Wade’s last game in the Bucks home arena, would be if he doesn’t play another season in the NBA. So for Wade to suggest that it was his last game in the Bradley Center, also suggests he is retiring after this season.

The Cavaliers have one more game against Milwaukee this season on March 19, but it will be at the Quicken Loans Arena.

Ready for retirement?

This Instagram post strongly suggests that Dwyane Wade is getting ready for retirement from his professional basketball career. With lots of minutes, injuries, and games, he has had a very grueling career and it isn’t surprising to see him near the end. But with things going so well in Cleveland right now, and Wade playing well, it just doesn’t seem like that time yet. But maybe Dwyane is hoping for one last championship, and maybe he wants to finish his career on a good note, holding his fourth NBA title with best friend LeBron James.