The Chicago Bears face yet another losing season this year. Currently at 4-10, this marks their fourth-straight sub-.500 season and extends their playoff drought to seven years. It has been a rough go for Bears fans lately and unfortunately it keeps up with the theme that has been in place going back to the final days of Mike Ditka as head coach.

It can be said that it has been a rough decade with no playoff berths since 2010, many losing seasons, and getting owned by rival Green Bay. However, the truth is, the Chicago Bears have had a rough go over the past two and a half decades.

What has been one of sports' most historical and proud franchises has fallen to laughing stock status. Their eight NFL Championships and 1985 Super Bowl victory are now over 30 years in the past, with only one Super Bowl appearance since.

Hardship since 1992

1992 was the final year of Mike Ditka. He was the head coach for the historical 1985 team and other playoff teams. Sadly, they did not win other championships under him, but they still had successful seasons. Since 1992 it has overall been a losing effort. Since the start of the 92' season the Chicago Bears are 187-227 (.452) with just five playoff appearances.

In this time, there have only been five seasons in which they won 10 or more games.

Their stretch from 2010-2013 was the only streak in which they had more than two .500+ seasons. Overall, the past 26 seasons (including this year, though there are a few games left), the Bears have averaged roughly seven wins per season. That is averaging a sub-.500 record. There have been six different coaches (Mike Ditka, Dave Wannstedt, Dick Jauron, Lovie Smith, Marc Trestman, and John Fox), with an overall sub-.500 record and just one NFC Championship victory.

Heartbreak among mediocrity

Recently there were several seasons in which they lost out on playoff chances on the final day of the season, including week 17 losses in 2008 and 2013 and a Vikings 2012 week 17 win to eliminate the Bears. Week 17 of 2013 was particularly tough. Just needing one more stop against the Packers to win the NFC North, Aaron Rodgers threw a fourth down 49-yard touchdown to Randall Cobb to crush the Bears' playoff hopes.

Of course, there was the Super Bowl loss to the Indianapolis Colts in 2006 when quarterback Rex Grossman struggled and lost 29-17. Next to that was the 2010 NFC Championship loss to, yet again, the Packers at Soldier Field. Those were the two times the Bears came close to another championship in the past 25 years. Outside of those years the Bears have only seen three other playoff chances since 1992 -- not making it past the division round.

When will it change?

Bears fans are holding out some hope with the young pieces they have like Mitchell Trubisky, Jordan Howard, Akiem Hicks, Tarik Cohen and such to turn it around soon. There will be coaching changes after this year is over as John Fox and company will likely be fired after three losing seasons.

Will next year be the start of something good? Can the McCaskey family put something together finally that wins like the great George Hallas did? Only time will tell.