Optimism was high in Knicks land going into Wednesday night's game. The Houston Rockets arrived at Madison Square Garden on a two game losing streak. Luckily the Knicks were just what the doctor ordered. After three impressive victories in a row, including an upset win over Cleveland, the Knicks looked tired and disorganized against the Houston Rockets in a 119-97 defeat. The Knicks can't seem to figure out the Rockets; dropping the last 23 of 25 contents between the two basketball teams. On a night when the city of Houston had plenty to cheer about, the Rockets provided the city with one more reason.

James Harden leads the way

The Rockets star player led the way with 31 points and nine assists. Promising NYK rookie Frank Ntilikina, was able to gain some valuable experience off the bench covering Harden when the two of them were on the court together. Frank Ntilikina was also able to produce eight assists - a career high. Kristaps Porzingis had a subpar game by his standards so far this season; only putting up 19 points. Tim Hardaway Jr. was able to score 23 points. The NYK were able to barely hold on to a lead after the first quarter but after that, it was all Houston.

Staying positive in New York

Wednesday night was disappointing for Knicks fans. Disappointment isn't anything new for Knicks fans though, and they are a resilient bunch.

One must be resilient to root for a franchise with a history like the NYK. There are plenty of reasons for optimism in Manhattan though.

Let's face it: The Houston Rockets are a better team than the New York Knicks. Last night the score sheet reflected that. Any fan with an inkling of knowledge about the NBA knew that the Knicks couldn't keep their Winning Streak going.

The Knicks are, however, showing a good deal of growth and resilience. There are some nights when Kristaps Porzingis looks like a top 3 NBA player & all the payers around him mesh perfectly. Tim Hardaway JR. has played well so far & Frank Ntilikina is a very promising rookie. Jarrett Jack has emerged as a leader & positive influence on the team.

Unfortunately, these are the positives Knicks fans will have to take solace in for now. There are likely to be many more nights like Wednesday at the Garden. Everyone in New York wants to see more games like the one against Cleveland but right now that just isn't realistic on a regular basis. Perhaps that is what it makes it all the more special when the Knicks play up to their potential.