As the New York Giants' season has gone down the drain -- really, past the drain and all the way out into the grimiest ocean imaginable -- talk has turned toward the future of the organization. Most notably, the team has made gestures suggesting they're ready to find the future of the franchise at quarterback for the day when Eli Manning decides to hang it up. Saturday provided a perfect opportunity to glimpse at that potential future, with Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen -- two of the top potential quarterbacks in the 2018 NFL Draft -- playing on the same field.

Evaluating Rosen and Darnold

USC came away with the victor, arguably giving Darnold the upper hand on the night. He ran for a touchdown, but failed to throw for one. He did throw an interception, which could have proven to be a major mistake. Otherwise, he threw for 267 yards on 17-of-28 passing in the victory. If the Giants want a steady hand, Darnold played the role on Saturday.

But in a losing effort -- the final losing effort of coach Jim Mora's tenure -- Rosen looked like the better quarterback, or at least the more dynamic one.

He was lighting up the football field with his throws. He threw a red zone interception, but completed 32 passes for 421 yards and three touchdowns. It was clear throughout the night that he's ready to make the throws necessary to compete at the next level. With a year behind Eli Manning, Rosen could easily be the next in a line of great Giants quarterbacks -- if the team decides to grab him, should he declare for the draft.

Giants' scouting reports

When the general manager of a team -- in this case, Jerry Reese -- goes to a college game in the middle of the season, the optics suggest that the team is seriously considering drafting one of those prospects.

The Giants' general manager was far from the only NFL executive scouting Rosen and Darnold. In fact, his counterpart with the New York Jets, Mike Maccagnan, was also in attendance.

Manning hasn't necessarily given any indication that he wants to retire after the season, but the team is already destined to be overhauled, with coach Ben McAdoo almost sure to be fired at the end of the season. The Giants have made multiple attempts to groom their next franchise quarterback, from Ryan Nassib to Davis Webb. None represent the hope that Rosen or Darnold could provide, though. With the Giants headed toward a top-three draft pick, one of them could very well be on their roster next season.