The Cleveland Cavaliers are expected to be mentioned in numerous NBA trade rumors over the next several months. This early, the Cavaliers, along with the Washington Wizards, were tagged in a potential trade for Los Angeles Clippers center DeAndre Jordan.

Jordan and the Clippers were engaged in contract extension talks earlier in the offseason, but the two sides did not reach a deal, Brad Turner of the Los Angeles Times revealed. With no contract extension on the horizon, the Clippers might eventually consider moving Jordan before the NBA trade deadline in February.

DeAndre Jordan joining LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers?

ESPN insider Zach Lowe predicted that the Cavaliers would be among the teams linked to a potential deal with Jordan. It is not surprising since the Cavs are in dire need of a true center who could help them get a better chance of beating the Golden State Warriors in a possible NBA Finals rematch this season.

The Cavaliers will reportedly consider trading Tristan Thompson later in the season, Amico Hoops reported. It will all depend on how Thompson will perform as a sixth man, but a straight Thompson-for-Jordan deal is unlikely to happen.

The Clippers are expected to ask for more assets, but the Cavaliers are not expected to give in, especially if Los Angeles will ask for the Brooklyn Nets 2017 first-round pick.

The Cavaliers do not have other enticing assets, which makes a trade for Jordan unlikely to happen unless the Clippers lower their demand for the veteran center.

DeAndre Jordan to Washington Wizards makes more sense

The Washington Wizards could also be in the picture if the Clippers decide to put Jordan on the trading block.

The Wizards will eventually become a serious threat to Cleveland if they can strike a deal for a solid center to pair with John Wall and Bradley Beal.

Lowe added that the Wizards have the assets to make a trade with the Clippers happen. Washington could offer Marcin Gortat, Kelly Oubre, and Jason Smith along with a first-round pick for Jordan.

And if they do not want to hurt their roster depth, the Wizards could just dangle Otto Porter later in the season when he becomes trade eligible.

Jordan is viewed as a perfect fit for the Wizards. The 29-year-old averaged 12.7 points and 13.8 rebounds on top of 1.7 blocks per game last season. However, the nine-year veteran could become a free agent if he decides to opt out of his $24.12 million contract next season.