If things become worse for the Cleveland Cavaliers in January, LeBron James might find a way out and ask that he be shipped to the Los Angeles Lakers before the trade deadline in February. The idea was floated by Matt Burke of Metro, saying that “it is no longer inconceivable that asks for a trade to the Lakers or some other NBA team at this season’s NBA trade deadline” with things not going as envisioned in Cleveland. Burke said if James is heading to the Lakers next season, why not expedite the process before the trade deadline so all parties can get what they want at an earlier time.

Burke said Lakers president Magic Johnson and general manager Rob Pelinka will jump at the opportunity of getting James at an earlier time. For that to happen, the Lakers must trade center Brook Lopez or Luol Deng to create space for James.

James to leave Cavs in 2018?

Earlier, it was reported that James plans to leave the Cavaliers for the second time and join forces with Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram with the Lakers, who have a better record at 5-5 than the Cavaliers’ 4-6 mark. The Lakers have offered one-year deals to free agents last summer so they will have the necessary cap space in case James decides to join them in 2018, with another superstar in tow. It was reported that James and Paul George are planning to form a super team with the Lakers together with Ball and Ingram.

Initially, Russell Westbrook and John Wall were also mentioned as part of the super team but they signed long-term deals with the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Washington Wizards, respectively.

Smith backs Wade’s pronouncement

Cavaliers starting shooting guard J.R. Smith agreed with Dwyane Wade's pronouncement that their starting unit has been terrible.

Smith said he took offense from Wade’s statement, saying that the Cavaliers starting unit is “killing us” and “we got to do better.” Earlier, Wade said the starting unit has put the team in an early deep hole that they can’t get out of, resulting in their disappointing 4-6 start to the season. Wade started at shooting guard for three games before he requested the team for a move to the bench after his disappointing play.

Since Smith’s return to the starting lineup, the Cavs are 2-5. James, for his part, said the Cavaliers had no energy in their 117-115 loss to the lowly Atlanta Hawks. The Cavaliers are pathetic on defense, allowing 113.4 points per game, which is 28th in the league right now.