Until the NBA All-Star break is over, every team executive can still work to prepare their roster for the playoffs in April or tank (for the last time) for the NBA Draft in June. Such is the case for the Cleveland Cavaliers, with the number of fans wanting to trade Tristan Thompson is growing by the day.

But which team is willing to shoulder Thompson’s 3-year contract worth more than $52 million? Suffice to say, if the Cavaliers front office is willing to include the Brooklyn Nets draft pick, the trade could have been completed by now.

Go for Boogie

Getting DeMarcus Cousins will be the biggest improvement for the Cavaliers. For one, he is undoubtedly one of the best big men in the league today. Averaging 25.5 points, 12.6 rebounds and 5.4 assists, not to mention a decent free throw shooter, Cousins is the perfect fit for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Once on board, the Cleveland Cavaliers front office must prioritize bringing DeMarcus Cousins back after his contract expires in July. Aside from solidifying the team, this would make it easier to lure back LeBron James into staying in Cleveland while hunting for more championship rings.

One of the main concerns for the Cleveland Cavaliers would be the team salary cap should they decide to pursue Isaiah Thomas in July.

However, trading for Cousins would secure the Cavaliers’ future should LeBron James decide to leave Cleveland for the second time. Without LBJ, the Cavaliers can easily sign Thomas for a bigger deal.

There’s an easier trade route to get DeMarcus Cousins without giving away the Brooklyn Nets pick and that’s a straight-up swap for Kevin Love.

A stretch-4 would be a perfect pair for Anthony Davis. But why would the Cavaliers initiate such a trade if they can have Love and Cousins in Cleveland? Plus, having Cousins and Thompson play together doesn’t make any sense.

Beating the Warriors

Joe Vardon of Cleveland.com suggested that should the Cleveland Cavaliers feel that DeAndre Jordan “was the only piece missing for them to take down the Warriors,” then they will surely consider trading for him.

Indeed, having Jordan for Thompson is a big upgrade for the Cavaliers.

Jordan is known for his rebounding and blocking prowess. And while this season’s stats are a little low, somehow, it doesn’t reflect what other things Jordan can do on the floor; his presence down the baseline alone can make anyone think twice before attacking.

Trading for DeAndre Jordan will also give an upgrade to the Cavaliers on the offensive end. Imagine having LeBron James or Isaiah Thomas run a pick-and-roll with Jordan while Kevin Love and Kyle Korver waits for a kick-out pass. And should the opposing team decide to foul him, don't worry, his free throw percentage has gone up this season.