It’s early in the 2017-18 NBA season, but there has already been a significant amount of conflicts between players from opposing teams. We’ve seen Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant clash heads. We’ve seen Bradley Beal and Draymond Green yanking each other by the jersey. We’ve seen Kyrie Irving let out an explicit statement to a fan, and we have seen LeBron James get in a back and forth exchange with New York Knicks players, Enes Kanter and Frank Ntilikina.

One of the most unusual conflicts though has been between New York Knicks center Enes Kanter and Cleveland Cavaliers small forward LeBron James, because quite frankly, LeBron is just on another planet in comparison to Kanter.

But Enes still feels the need to talk trash and is keeping his name in the headlines with his recent comments.

The story so far.

It all started early this season when King James made the highly publicized comment about young Dallas Mavericks rookie Dennis Smith Jr. LeBron said that he believes Smith Jr should be a New York Knick right now, saying they wrongly passed up on Dennis and instead chose the French point guard, Frank Ntilikina. This led to Enes responding on Twitter and in a practice interview, letting the King know that his team is happy with their draft choice. But the feud wasn’t over, when they faced off in a game on October 29, the French rookie started pushing LeBron James, which led to Kanter running over and getting in James’ face.

A little back and forth on court trash talk fuelled even more words, when Enes decided to take a jab at LeBron in the postgame interview, mocking his nickname “King James” to which LeBron maturely responded by honoring his royal family, and posting an Instagram photo after the Cavs victory, saying he runs New York City.

But just a few weeks later, Enes Kanter has felt the need to put LeBron’s name in his mouth again, to which the King has responded once again.

LeBron downplays Enes’ most recent comments.

The Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Miami Heat on Tuesday night to win their ninth straight game, but the biggest headline to come from the game was that LeBron James was ejected from a professional basketball game for the first time in his career. It happened with just minutes left in the third quarter, and although he did not get to play in the fourth quarter, the King still finished with an impressive 21 points, 12 rebounds, 6 assists, 5 steals and one block.

But after this game, Enes Kanter took to Twitter to troll LeBron, as seen below.

But LeBron took the high road, instead of trying to come up with a witty response, he had a small and simple statement to make when he was shown the tweet in the Cavs locker room after the game. LeBron said:

‘He’s always looking for attention.”