It was an interesting Tuesday night in the NBA as 16 teams hit the floor for their regular season matchups. One of the most interesting games was played in Philadelphia, as the Philadelphia 76ers hosted the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavaliers came into this matchup having won seven straight games while the 76ers were on a three-game winning streak of their own. It was also a much-anticipated matchup between the Sixers' rookie Ben Simmons and the Cavaliers superstar LeBron James. Many are comparing Simmons to James as they have many similarities in their game, and it seems Simmons could become the new LeBron James.

Redick with a huge statement

The Cavaliers ended up winning Tuesday's matchup against Philadelphia easily 113-91, with LeBron James scoring 30 points and grabbing 14 rebounds in the game. But it was something before the game that caught the attention of the NBA world. Before the game started, the 76ers guard JJ Redick spoke to the media about the matchup against the Cavaliers and also about LeBron James. Redick was asked about to comment on what stands out the most about LeBron's game, and this is what he said:" His intelligence. He's one of, if not the smartest player to ever play the game."

Redick was also asked about the similarities, and the comparison between Ben Simmons and LeBron James and his answer may have surprised many around the NBA.

"There are really very few players, I'm trying to think if there's anybody besides LeBron, that has had that combination of speed, size, athleticism, and strength. Look LeBron is, I think, the greatest player to ever play."

It was a bold statement by JJ Redick who didn't hide his admiration for LeBron James and his legacy. Truth to be told, it's hard to argue what Redick said considering all the things LeBron has been able to do over the course of his career.

But is there something else behind this Redick's statement?

Is Redick recruiting LeBron to Philadelphia?

LeBron has two years left on his current contract with the Cavaliers but has the player option for the final year. This means that he will likely become a free agent after the 2017-18 season and reevaluate his options for the future.

There are many speculations about where will LeBron play next season and some are wondering now is JJ Redick already recruiting James to join the 76ers next summer? Although it may sound like an unrealistic option at the moment, is it really impossible? The Sixers already have a great young core with a couple of outstanding young players, including Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. Is this going to be enough for LeBron to even consider joining Philadelphia, we don't know. Many believe that James will end up in Los Angeles and join the Lakers next summer, while others think he will stay in Cleveland. One thing is for sure, whatever he decides, he will go down as one of the best, if not the best player of all time.