Over the last two months, Donald Trump has been engaging in a war of worlds with the sports world, most notably his feud with the National Football League (NFL). After sending out yet another tweet on the matter, the president quickly received backlash.

Trump on NFL

It all started earlier this fall when Donald Trump was campaigning for then Alabama Senate primary candidate Luther Stranger. While speaking to a crowd of supporters, Trump randomly brought up the issue of the protests taking place in the NFL during the National Anthem. The initial protest started last season when former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, playing for the San Francisco 49ers at the time, decided to take a knee during the national anthem as a peaceful form of protest to bring attention to police brutality and racial injustice.

In response, many conservatives took it as a sign of disrespect to the United States and the military. During Trump's speech, the president referred to those who protest as a "son of a b*tch," while calling on team owners to fire the players who participate. Since then, the former host of "The Apprentice" has made it a habit to lash out at the players and the league, even commissioner Roger Goodell, while citing the conservative backlash to the NFL for its recent drop in attendance and ratings. As seen on his Twitter feed on November 28, Trump decided to reignite his feud with the league.

In one of his morning Twitter rants, Donald Trump hit back against the NFL over the two dozen protests that took place over the weekend.

"At least 24 players kneeling this weekend at NFL stadiums that are now having a very hard time filling up," he tweeted.

The president went on to claim that Americans were "fed up" with feeling that the NFL has "disrespect(ed) the United States, as well as the "Flag and our National Anthem." In conclusion, the president wrote that the NFL was "Weak and out of control!" While there is truth that the league has been hit with a decline in revenue, attendance, and ratings, the president's claim that it is due to the national anthem protests don't appear to hold water.

In recent years, the NFL has seen a drop in popularity, which many attribute to a decline in player performance, increased ads on television, and an overall decline in the product itself.

Twitter reacts

In response to Donald Trump's tweet about the NFL, critics of the commander in chief wasted no time hitting back. "All this coming from the man who subverted democracy by working with a hostile foreign government.

Shame on you," one tweet wrote.

"The NFL games I watched last weak had sell-outs. The inauguration I watched in January had about 1/2 of the people who were at Barack Obama's inauguration. Who's WEAK? Who's Out of Control? YOU!" another tweet added. "I think you need to worry about more important stuff...

like preparing for your upcoming indictment!" one Twitter user wrote.

"Still, nothing better to do than obsess over the NFL?

Not making us forget about Russia," an additional post stated. "There’s genocide in Yemen, you can help stop it. Stop tweeting about football players," a follow-up tweet read. The negative reaction continued against Donald Trump as the president showed no signs of stopping his attacks on the sports world.