David West, the back-up power forward for the Golden State Warriors, has been playing out of his mind this season. According to ESPN.com, the longtime New Orleans Hornets forward has been averaging nearly seven points and almost two blocks a game in just 11 minutes of playing time. He leads the Warriors bench in scoring and is shooting 67 percent from the field, leading the entire team in scoring efficiency.

David West intangibles

David West is tough, smart, and does a few things extremely well. The former Hornets star turned-journeyman is one of the best mid-range shooters in the game.

He's almost automatic from 17-20 feet, a trait he shares with his teammate Shaun Livingston, who is automatic with his effortless turnaround jumper from ten feet. West is also averaging a block and a half a game and is bringing the playful intensity that he was known for during his playoff runs with Chris Paul in New Orleans.

Golden State Warriors created a culture

It's incredible how Steve Kerr and the Golden State Warriors organization have created an environment for players like West to be willing to come off the bench for 11 minutes a game. David West could probably start for ten NBA teams this year. The same could be said about Iguodala, Livingston, and even JaVale McGee. The surprising part is how much better and more efficient West has been playing compared to the rest of the Warriors' stacked bench.

It's doubtful that West can keep up his ultra-efficient shooting for the length of the regular season, but his fast start is certainly bad news for the rest of the NBA. It seems that most competitive teams have been clamoring to find players to compete with Golden State's starting five, and the last thing they need is for the bench to start overachieving.

David West anthem protest

Recent statements made by West to SI.com indicate that he has been protesting the national anthem in his own way for years before NFL player Colin Kaepernick began kneeling in 2016. His teammates never noticed, but he stands slightly behind them during the anthem. He also stays active on Twitter, pointing out racial injustice as he sees it.

Regardless of off-the-court politics, David West is the most consistent and important bench player for the best team in the NBA. His passion for equality and social justice seem to be an extension of his passionate play on The Court. It almost seems like his engagement in political protest has fueled his emotional presence on the floor. Whatever he is doing seems to be working, as the 36-year-old NBA veteran is starting his 15th season with a bang.