The Dallas Cowboys have one of their most important games of the season on Sunday as they take on the high-flying Philadelphia Eagles. With Ezekiell Elliott taking his six-game suspension, they were already down a player. Many believed the Cowboys could get by without Zeke for a week, but can they get the job done without Sean Lee and Tyron Smith?

Too many sacks

Last Sunday, the Cowboys gave up eight sacks against the Atlanta Falcons! Yes, you heard that right, eight sacks. With Chaz Green giving up six of them himself, the line will be in trouble without Tyron Smith helping them out.

Smith has had his fair share of injuries during his career. He's battled back problems for quite some time. That said, the 'Boys need him now more than ever. Don't believe me? Just take a look at the film from Sunday.

Just when the offensive line was starting to find their mojo, this injury had to happen. Normally you'd see Zeke in the backfield to help out, but that's just the thing, he's not going to be here.

Eagles defense will get after it

The Eagles know that Dallas is weak on that side of the line and if the Cowboys have to bring a back in to help out with blocking, it forces Dak Prescott to beat them with his arm. That's exactly what Philly wants.

Look for the defense to dial up multiple blitz packages to force the line to make adjustments.

The Dallas coaching staff (which hasn't been known to make adjustments on the fly) will be forced to adjust quickly.

Sean Lee is bigger than you think

I think we're all used to seeing Sean Lee go down with an injury. Sure the Cowboys have some good depth at the LB position, but nothing can make up for the commander of the defense.

The stats tell it all. The Cowboys simply don't know how to win without Sean Lee. Why is that though? Because he is everywhere on the field.

Jaylon Smith has shown glimpses of his days at Notre Dame but he's no Sean Lee.

You have to remember the Cowboys' secondary is completely revamped.

Filled with a few vets and mainly young players with potential, there is still much to learn. This is why the Cowboys lean so heavily on their front seven. This wouldn't even be a concern if they weren't facing one of the toughest teams in the league!

Carson Wentz is on fire

Philly is coming in with an 8-1 record, after a bye, against a beat up Dallas defense. Advantage Eagles.With all of that said, Wentz has most certainly been the surprise of the league thus far with his ability to extend plays and make difficult passes.

DeMarcus Lawrence will be expected to get after the quarterback if the Cowboys want to stay in the game.

Look for Dallas to struggle on Sunday though and if Philly figures out how to attack on both sides of the ball, this game could get nasty fast.

Don't forget, it's not just this game that Dallas should be worried about either.