Kevin Love gave his personal opinion on what’s happening with the Cleveland Cavaliers. For him, Dwyane Wade was right in blaming the starters for the mess.

The Cavaliers’ woes were discussed after the loss against the lowly Atlanta Hawks on Sunday (Nov 5). And as it turns out, they already knew that there's something wrong with their starters.

Love agrees with Wade

“He's exactly right. It would be nice if we were able to get on the second unit one time for giving something up but that hasn't been the case,” Love said during their practice on Monday (Nov.

6). A report by ESPN stated that the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar was downed with an illness and was rushed to the hospital on Sunday.

The four-time NBA All-Star admitted that there’s something happening within the starters, though he is not sure whether it’s lack of focus or energy. One thing Love is definitely sure of, “We just can't keep putting ourselves in a situation like that.”

Aside from lack of focus and energy, Love took notice of the team’s poor outside shooting, “We're just not shooting the ball well from 3 and that has to change.” The Cleveland Cavaliers led the league in three-point shooting percentage last season at 39.0 percent

Missing piece

Taking the cue from Kevin Love’s “poor outside shooting” comment, Cavs head coach Tyronn Lue took notice of J.R.

Smith’s contribution. According to ESPN, Smith averages career lows in terms of points per game (5.3), shooting percentage (27.5 percent), and three-point percentage (23.4 percent). “JR has to take his shots, get back to being who he is: a gunslinger,” Lue challenges his ward.

Meanwhile, Isaiah Thomas took this issue to make people remember that he’s coming soon and will bring his scoring to Cleveland.

According to the Cavs’ spokesman, Thomas has continuously shown progress in his rehabilitation program and has “increased his range of motion.”

What went before?

After the heartbreaking loss to the Atlanta Hawks in front of thousands of Cleveland Cavaliers fans, Dwyane Wade spoke his mind out, “It's no secret we're starting games off awful.” Wade revealed that the people inside their locker room, obviously referring to the coaching staff and players themselves, knew what was really happening.

“The effort or the focus just wasn't there to start off, and you try to battle back, you waste a lot of energy trying to come back from 16-18 down and it’s tough nightly to do this,” Dwyane Wade aired his opinion. The 12-time NBA All-Star had his best performance of the season with 25 points coming off the bench.