It's no secret that the Chicago Cubs are looking for a pitcher or two this postseason. One of the reasons the club is looking for a pitcher, it turns out is because they have always believed Jake Arrieta was going to be pitching for another team next year. Rumors over the last week have even had the former Cy Young award winner heading to the St. Louis Cardinals. While that still might be the most likely landing spot for the pitcher, it appears the Cubs have a bit of interest in bringing him back.

In the latest development of this brewing soap opera, it appears the pitcher would at least be open to coming back to Chicago.

Of course, it should be pointed out that if the Cubs want to bring the hurler back, they are going to have to pay. Arrieta's agent, Scott Boras made it clear he would certainly listen if the team wanted to talk contract, but it doesn't appear as though he's willing to give any kind of discount. That is consistent and is the reason Chicago hasn't held out hope of bringing Jake back.

Chicago Cubs can afford Jake Arrieta

While the Cubs have talked about not wanting to spend a Mack truck's worth of money this offseason, there are people like Scott Boras who want to make sure people understand they could if they wanted to. Boras went through a laundry list of reasons why the Cubs could afford to pay Arrieta almost anything he asked for.

Boras seemed to be making the case in order for Chicago fans to blame the team when the two sides aren't able to arrive at a deal.

While Boras is pointing out all the revenues that are coming into the franchise in the next few years, that doesn't mean the team is just going to throw millions of dollars away. Arrieta is looking for a seven-year deal.

That's longer than any team would be smart to give him. Having the money to spend doesn't mean the squad needs to spend it stupidly.

Cubs don't have to afford Arrieta's asking price

While the team does arguably have some cash to spend, the Cubs would be wise to play the waiting game on Arrieta. The pitcher showed some definite wear and tear over the last two years.

Though he's still one of the best pitchers in the game, he's going to get old fast. Chicago will already be dealing with an aging pitcher collecting tens of millions of dollars every year in Jon Lester. If Arrieta's asking price is driven down by the market, it's a safe bet the Chicago Cubs will offer him a contract at that discounted price. It worked with Dexter Fowler the year the team won the World Series, it could work again.